Media layoffs continue

May 2006, Volume 11, Number One

The right-wing National Post has given up its drive to become a mass national newspaper. Without fanfare, the company stopped printing the paper in Atlantic Canada in April, and Transcontinental, which prints the National Post, laid off a production line at its Borden, PEI plant of 12 employees. Copies are now flown in from Central Canada with a retail price of $2.00.

The National Post is 50 per cent owned by the Asper family's Global media monopoly. In January, Global Maritimes announced a lay off of 14 workers and a shift of their work to Toronto in May.

More than half of the print and broadcast news media in Canada are owned and controlled by this one family.

Transcontinental, which also prints the Globe & Mail, owns the Halifax Daily News and papers in Truro, New Glasgow, Sydney, Newfoundland and PEI, and controls the major printing presses as well.

In all, over 75 per cent of community papers' in Atlantic Canada are now owned by Transcontinental of Montreal or Irving.

Irving owns all English-language dailies in New Brunswick, and has been buying up Acadian French language weeklies in that province.

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