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Mac-talla  3rd  Gaelic Shunpiking Edition
Fall 2005 Edition
Media Culpa

Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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May 2006

Media Culpa
A special online bulletin with continuous updates direct from the Six Nations Blockade at the illegal housing project at Caledonia, near Hamilton, Ontario. The site is encircled by a 50 sq. mile perimeter of 1,000 OPP and 250 RCMP with the Canadian army at the ready.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Dublin and 25th anniversary of the H-Block hunger strikes in Belfast. TONY SEED

The Irish victims group An Fhirinne [The Truth] has relaunched its website listing those who have died as result of organized British state violence known as collusion in northern Ireland. It is appealing to the families of people at home or now abroad who were murdered to help complete its database.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on May 1 that there will be a debate and vote in the House of Commons in support of the renewal of the North American Aerospace Defence (NORAD) Agreement.

MICHAEL BYERS provides information on the new arrangements contained in the renewed NORAD Agreement.

Are Cuba and Venezuela the targets of that show of force in the name of "fostering goodwill"?

Injured Workers Day was commemorated in Halifax April 28th as throughout Canada and the world as workers honoured those who have been killed, injured or disabled on the job, renewing their pledge to force governments to enforce the human right to safe and healthy working conditions. SAM MACLEAN
* The Call Centre - MAX MICHAUD, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers
* Nursing; the highest sickness rate of any occupation - ANDY SUMMERS, Ontario Nurses Association
650 paper workers locked out by the Finnish multinational Stora Enso since January 26. CHARLES SPURR

Antigonish has become the first town in Nova Scotia to put in place bilingual English & Gaelic street signs.

Support campaign for Palestinian political prisoners concludes in Halifax The cross-Canada campaign by representatives of Palestinian political prisoners wound up a highly successful six-city tour of Canada with a well-attended meeting in Halifax.

Cape Breton Mi'kmaq Elders have added their voice to the many environmental groups, fishermens' unions and ordinary citizens opposed to Texas company Hunt Oil's seismic testing in Sydney Bight.

As someone who has been facing the full brunt of the might of the pro-Israel lobby at Columbia University in the US, JOSEPH MOSSAD explains the deceit behind blaming the lobby for US policies towards the Palestinians and the Arab world.

Ruminations from the 1865 homestead of Thomas and Ellen Matthews, Fundy National Park. "No one owns land. We only have a lend of it for a while." CORINNE CASH

My Thoughts on Pete Bowman
By MARRIE BERKELAAR, a Nova Scotian friend

Part One of a ten-part series. The Shadow of the Bomb. War games for children in major U.S. cities, 1950 - ALBERT E KAHN, The Game of Death.

Shunpiking books: Fictitious and not so Fictitious books that unriddle history, politics and ..

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