Ayed Abueqtaish and Adam Hanieh

Audio from Palestinian Political Prisoner's Speaking Tour featuring

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Sumoud Political Prisoners Solidarity Group organized it's second annual Free Palestinian Political Prisoners speaking tour. There are currently around 8000 Palestinian political prisoners including 400 children and 100 women detainees in Israeli jails. The event in Halifax was organized by The Palestine Solidarity Society (www.freepalestine.ca) and co-sponsored by Canadians, Arabs and Jews for Just Peace (http://forjustpeace.org)

Ayed Abueqtaish is a former political prisoner and currently research co-coordinator for Defense for Children International in Ramallah (http://www.dci-pal.org) and representative of the Committee in Defense and Solidarity with the Jericho Six.

Adam Hanieh is co-author of "Stolen Youth: The Politics of Israel's detention of Palestinian Children" (Pluto Press, 2004 )

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