Cape Breton Mi'kmaq Organization Publishes Newsletter

ESKASONI, Cape Breton (26 July 2006) -- The Spring issue of the UINR Marten is now available as a free online download from the Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) website at This new issue is packed with stories on Mi'kmaq sustainable natural resources and their management.

The new issue of the UINR Marten includes stories on some of the upcoming activities at UINR, including a two day workshop on Traditional Ecological Knowledge, a Salmon Workshop hosted by UINR's new CSI Cape Breton (Collaborative Salmon Initiative), and a report on the first effort in forming a Mi'kmaq Youth and Elder Council. Two hot issues reported on in this isuue are ongoing observations on climate change and Species at Risk. UINR is producing a large format poster featuring the eight species that are at risk in Unama'ki (Cape Breton).

Another new initiative in the works is the production of a video documentary on oysters in the Bras d'Or. International award-winning documentary film maker Madeline Yakimchuk is working with UINR to further integrate video production in their communications strategy.

In this issue a couple of new staff at UINR are introduced - Shelley Porter, the new coordinator of the CEPI initiative, and Blair Bernard the Natural Resource Officer coordinator. Clifford Paul, Moose Management coordinator, reports on the activities that he is working on leading to the development of a Moose Management plan.

A feature story in this issue of the UINR Marten is on the green initiatives in Potlotek (Chapel Island). They have a number of exciting projects underway that have the environment on the forefront. Charlie Dennis concludes his story on The Oyster Garden and we introduce a new concept - The Science Wtisi.

Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) is a natural resource management organization representing the five Cape Breton (Unama'ki) First Nation communities. One of its main activities is to promote and contribute to the understanding and protection of the environment in the traditional territory of the Mi'kmaq people. Its board of directors is comprised of the five Cape Breton Mi'kmaq Chiefs.

To download a free copy of The Marten, go to

* Weldon Bona is UINR Director of Communications and may be reached at: 902 379 2977 or email:

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