Gaelic street signs for Antigonish

Antigonish has become the first town in Nova Scotia to put in place bilingual English & Gaelic street signs. The signs all are off of the town's Main Street (some 23 in all), though the Gaelic part is very small and impossible to read unless you are walking. Still it is an important step forward. Prior to this the only official street signs were in the village of Pugwash which was at the western extreme of Gaelic settlement in the province and one of the first areas to lose the language.

The Province of Nova Scotia is expected to enact a sign policy for Gaelic similar to what is in place for French Acadians in the province. If a request is made for Gaelic "boundary" signs for a particular community by the local municipality, the province will erect a bilingual sign for free.

Trueman Matheson Sol Cultural Enterprises

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