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Fall 2005 Edition Media Culpa

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Feburary/March 2006


Fortress North America: it is arguably the most important issue facing Canada, but it was not discussed at all during the election. STEVEN STAPLES

Canada participates in US war exercises from Halifax Integration of Canadian Forces and 'maritime surveillance' under NORAD and Northern Command increases.

They obviously never had any intention of abiding by the decision and paying what they owe. PSAC

An Online Dossier

Some 150 university students, professors, staff and community members vigorously demonstrate in Halifax in protest against the promotion of the Muhammad cartoons by a SMU philosophy professor and the media.

"TexPark" Towers threaten view & downtown. PETER ZIMMER

Historic move towards developing a comprehensive management plan for the Bras d'Or Lakes watershed

Over 78% of Canadians support high seas bottom trawl moratorium?
Why doesn't the federal government?

What is Canada doing in Haiti? Former Haitian Cabinet Minister speaks out in Halifax. CHARLES SPURR

Barely two years after the US invaded Iraq in the name of weapons of mass destruction which never existed, the world is being pushed towards a confrontation with Iran on a similarly flawed premise. A three-part in-depth series by SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN, recipient of the Silver Medal for excellence in journalism.
The Persian Puzzle I. Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis
The Persian Puzzle II. What the IAEA really found in Iran
The Persian Puzzle III. Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis

It does not matter what people has to say.."you are either with us, or with the terrorists"
For Your Information: Canadian Observation Mission
The problem is now before the international community and it is essential that its nature and dimensions be fully understood and appreciated. Editorial Commentary by TONY SEED
These sanctions are part of crimes against humanity practiced by Israel against the Palestinians
It left Palestinians with only one alternative: Hamas - Ghassan Khatib*, The Palestinian Chronicle
The blunt truth is that Israel uses its overwhelming firepower to subjugate the Palestinians and to expropriate their land
We will not sell our people or principles for foreign aid Commentary by KHALID MISH'AL
"We are all - Christians and Muslims - united for a free Palestine. Our ancestors fought with the Muslim leader, Salah al-Din, against the crusaders." MOTASEM DALLOUL
Canada Palestine Association Letter (Halifax) to Harper Statement of Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace
Statement of Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace Halifax, Nova Scotia February 9, 2006
Media Culpa. Right at the time the new Harper government declares itself against the recent Palestinian elections, an editor of "Canada's national newspaper" resorts to a fabricated smear to demonize Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement.GREG FELTON

Could secret paramilitary groups be adding to the violence and lawlessness in Iraq? FIRAS AL-ATRAQCHI examines the possibilities.

While U.S. forces and their allies are continuing the destruction of Iraq and sadistic torture of Iraqi civilians, the phantom of an Iran "threat" is being amplified across the world. GHALI HASSAN

Tribute to the First Lady of the U.S. civil rights movement. JUANA CARRASCO MARTIN


Here's purpose allegedly was to provide an alternative voice.

From Nova Scotia Gaels themselves: the common traditions of Gaelic culture, separating pagentry from everyday-lived practices. Le Lodaidh MacFhionghuin (Lewis MacKinnon) Spring 2006 - Comunn Gàidhlig an Àrd-Bhaile offers Gaelic language classes for beginner through to advanced speakers in Metro Halifax

Canadian Media Guild raises alarm about outsourcing national treasure

My experience with craft shows is less than positive: too commercialized, expensive, time consuming and held in an atmosphere of clinically-formulated booth spaces and an air of desperation as artisans wait to sell their wares, writes MARRIE BERKELAAR. Then along came alpaca.

Shunpiking books: Fictitious and not so Fictitious books that unriddle history, politics and ..

Hike NS forms Various walking groups, community health organizations and trail groups from around the province met recently in Stellarton's Museum of Industry resulting in the establishing of Hike NS.

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