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Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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October 2005


Shunpiking magazine celebrates 10th Anniversary

• Voting Information for Students

Tony Seed, Halifax & Charles Spurr, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour : Our vision for Halifax and Dartmouth is embodied in the program No Harbour for War! Halifax is the most heavily militarized city in Canada and its port is being used as a staging area -- the blockade of Cuba, Dominican Republic, First Gulf War, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. People of Halifax have the greatest first hand experience of the disasters caused by imperialist war. The foreign and defence policy of Canada and its moral standing in the world is a serious issue in this election. Canada is an integral part of the world which faces grave dangers of fascism and war. [more]

Empowerment, Poverty & Homelessness, Environment, Hereditary Rights of First Nations, "Law & Order" Agenda, National Unity, Fisheries, Seniors & Healthcare, Same Sex Marriage [more]

Tony Seed, Marxist-Leninist Candidate, Halifax: The foreign policy of Canada and its moral standing in the world, and the blood shed by the big powers in the Middle East in general and in Palestine in particular, is a serious issue in this election. Canada is an integral part of the world which faces grave dangers of fascism and war. The destruction of the nation of Palestine and the forcible dispersal of its people to the four corners of the earth is one of the monumental crimes of the 20th century. The people of Canada, which facilitated the catastrophe of 1948, have a moral duty to speak. [more]

Martin Liberal's new International Policy Statement (IPS), A Role of Pride and Influence in the World. TAMARA LORINCZ

Canadian troops head to danger zone, replacing US troops. Yet, no one talks about it. The government keeps quiet. So do the opposition parties. THOMAS WALKOM

"Has shouting at a politician become a political crime in Canada?" CANADA HAITI ACTION NETWORK

Why are MPs' time and taxpayer funds being used to promote the interests of a foreign country? RON SABA

"Perhaps," one suggested, "they have finally decided to arrest Mr. Volpe for violating international law!" MATTHEW BEHRENS

There is a curious practice that happens all too often in this country during federal, provincial and municipal elections. PETER EWART

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Mi'kmaq / First Nations History Supplement Shunpiking

Dossier on Palestine. A special Edition of Shunpiking