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Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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October 2005



'Thanks for joining me, and remember, of all the things that visitors take away from Cape Breton, the magic found in the highlands, the people, and the forest remains. We all feel the magic but we can only breathe it in our lungs, then give it back. It remains for all of nature to share.' Quintessential David Lawley. A eulogy by TONY SEED

He was one of the foremost interpreters of Nova Scotia's natural environment. JOHN SOOSAAR

In "The Snowy Owl", David Lawley wrote: "Myths like these are slowly being replaced by scientific truths. Most people no longer believe the world is flat, or that the world was created only a few thousand years ago." Samples of David Lawley's writing selected from the span of his work, mostly, we hold, reflecting a truth.

(30 Sep 2005) The coming of Peter McKay to keep the provincial Conservatives in clover at Halifax is being mooted.

Coal from Cape Breton mines liquidated by the feds replaced from a multinational mine in Colombia, where trade unionists are killed as a normal course. RALPH SURETTE & CHRIS ARSENAULT

Along with other forestry monopolies, Abitibi Consolidated continues to act as if it owns the areas in which it operates and can blackmail anyone and everyone according to the logic: "Either you do it our way, or we will devastate you."

The Ste Anne's Pulp Mill, Nackawic, NB was closed by its US owner, absolutely without any warning, on 14 September 2004. Why? An interview with Barry Eisliger, CAW.


The Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and other members of the Gearshift Coalition are heading to Parliament Hill in Ottawa with a truck load of dragger gear and net via Moncton and St. John.

As the top brass of Inco and Memorial University of Newfoundland celebrated the grand opening in September, protests against the company by indigenous people are becoming a common occurrence in Indonesia, New Caledonia and Guatemala.

The Circle Game revisited: shadows and substance in the Indian residential school experience

A 'Seniors Charter of Canada' is to be tabled by the NDP in parliament this fall. It will affirm that seniors have a fundamental right to 'a fulfilling life with dignity, respect and security.' Comment by CHARLES SPURR

Israeli pamphlets threaten attack, expulsion of civilians

(3 Oct 05) Israel's first major air campaign against Gazans since its August 'departure' from the Strip has ruined important facilities, injured noncombatants and introduced sonic booms as a new tactic. JON ELMER

House Demolitions: Mumbai. In the wake of the tsunami, governments across the country are demolishing thousands of slum homes, leaving over 200,000 homeless in Mumbai alone. ANNA HUNTER

The media's role in undermining science in favor of ideology. CHRIS MOONEY and MATTHEW C. NISBET

From the caboose, snow plow, old box cars, baggage wagons and pump car displayed around the museum grounds to spruce trees, fir trees, pines, maples, white birches and blueberry bushes. AMANDA CLEARY

There is a place... TONY SEED and TAMMY MCDOW

Special post-Juan edition: Fall colours of Nova Scotia


Wiping out centuries of know-how in preserving ecosystems

Not even Ophelia herself could stop a Gaelic story or a TIP. ELIZABETH LORD

It was the good old boy's network at its worst. It was a confidence kept by the men who played the game, the trainers who massaged their muscles, the doctors who gave them their annual physicals, and the writers who glorified them. It was The Steroid Secret. ALLAN WOLPER

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