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Our fall edition of shunpiking magazine hit the stands on 12 October 2005. If you can't find a copy, please call 902.444.4922 or just drop by to 6211 North Street (at Windsor) in Halifax and pick one up. Or, better yet, take out a subscription and guarantee your copy.

Shunpiking, Volume 9, Number 47, Fall edition, 2005

David Lawley 9 Feb 1945 - 15 Sep 2005
It is with the greatest sadness that we received the news of the sudden passing away of David Lawley on 15 September 2005 at the age of 60.

Katrina and its aftermath; a crime against humanity
Shunpiking has published a special online edition on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on its website - The indepth report includes numerous eyewitness accounts, commentaries and timelines highlighting gravely under-reported aspects of the tremendous catastrophe still gripping the southern US Gulf Coast, and the massive disinformation carried by the US state and monopoly media.

Canada not exempt from Katrina's aftermath
The speed with which Ottawa mobilized signi_cant military and other resources raises new questions about the humanitarian aim of its Operation Unison. LEGACIES - PAST / PROGRESSIVEIn Memorium - David Lawley I am unable to speak of David Lawley otherwise than with the deepest emotion, affection and a joyous enthusiasm. TONY SEED with MARK DAYE

The quintessential David Lawley
In The Snowy Owl, David Lawley wrote: "Myths like these are slowly being replaced by scienti_c truths. Most people no longer believe the world is flat, or that the world was created only a few thousand years ago." A few samples of David Lawley's writing selected from the span of his work, mostly, we hold, reflecting a truth. For more, visit Shunpiking Online (

Gaelic Day in Pictou
Though many events - including the reenactment of the settlers landing from the Ship Hector in Pictou in 1773 - were cancelled due to weather, not even Ophelia herself could stop a Gaelic story. ELIZABETH LORD

More qualified French teachers needed
A report found that, despite warnings in 2001 of a likely shortage of teachers for specialty subjects, taught in French, the province's education system has made little progress towards alleviating the problem.

Abitibi's blackmail of workers and people of Newfoundland
Along with other forestry monopolies, Abitibi Consolidated continues to act as if it owns the areas in which it operates and can blackmail anyone and everyone according to the logic: "Either you do it our way, or we will devastate you."


Culture . Heritage . History . Language . Politics
A shunpiking supplement on Mi'kmaq / First Nations . No. 3, October 2005

Mi'gmaq Treaties & the Supreme Court Decision
What is true for every human being is that our differing worldviews are shaped by our distinct histories as social groups and nations. Our worldviews are also influenced by people who can impress upon us their learning, their social experiences, their understandings. This is equally true for the distinguished judges who sit on the Supreme Court, and pass judgment. I maintain that the Mi'gmaq worldview is signi_cantly different from the pan-Canadian worldview. For this reason, we have a different understanding and interpretation of our history and our actions, as seen from the Migmaq perspective. I am a Sagamaw (a Mi'gmaq Chief). I am also of mixed blood, both Mi'gmaq and English. But I choose to identify myself and to live as a contemporary Mi'gmaq person, speaking the Mi'gmaq language, and drawing on my Mi'gmaq traditions, culture and heritage. There are many Mi'gmaq like me. As a Sagamaw, "Amujpa gelusai" (Mi'gmaq word that means "I have an obligation to speak") on behalf of the Mi'gmaq, and to explain our very different views and understanding about things that impact on us.. Today, I "have to speak" about the recent decision of the Supreme Court on Marshall and Bernard. Chief JOHN MARTIN

Facts behind the Joshua Bernard case
In 2003, the NB Court of Appeal ruled that Joshua Bernard, a Mi'kmaq logger, had been wrongfully convicted in April 2000 of illegally harvesting spruce logs on Crown land. It also ruled that Mr Bernard was the bene_ciary of a treaty right, and could earn a "moderate livelihood". The government went to the Supreme Court of Canada which promptly overturned the lower court. Following the Appeal Court's decision, ANDREA BEAR NICHOLAS relates the facts of the matter in this prophetic 2003 article.

Thanksgiving: one Native American view
I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this of_cial US celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people. JACQUELINE KEELER

The Circle Game revisited: shadows and substance in the Indian residential school experience
"Inco Innovation Centre" opening coincides with global protests against
Inco As the top brass of Inco and Memorial University of Newfoundland celebrated the grand opening of the "Inco Innovation Centre" at Memorial University in September, protests against the company by indigenous people are becoming a common occurrence in Indonesia, New Caledonia and Guatemala.

Mi'kmaq & First Nations Timeline (75,000 BC - 2000 AD) Eclipse & Enlightenment
INTRODUCTION Shunpiking Magazine is providing a comprehensive historical chronology of the Mi'kmaq / First Nations because of widespread interest and a recognition of the depth of impact this subject matter has upon society in Atlantic Canada. The aim of our historical map is to inform, to provide a tool for framing future questions and to assist all those seeking solutions for today and tomorrow. A key theme is the development of institutional racism and genocide, the denial of hereditary rights before and after Confederation, and the recognition of the rights of all. We have also aimed to put the Mi'kmaq experience in a broad historical context, avoiding a narrow interpretation of Mi'kmaq history. In this edition, along with bringing forward features of Maliseet, Beothuk and Innu, Black, Acadian, Gaelic and people's history, as well as colonial history, we also bring forward relevent events from the _shery, forestry and rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada. Various national and international events are incorporated, events too often viewed as separate and disconnected.

For your information: Mi'kmaq & First Nations Timeline (75,000 BC - 2000 AD)
Par One: 75,000 BC to 1866.

On the Continuity of Port au Choix
Rambling about the seashore near Port au Choix on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, I was struck by a parallel between this place and Jericho ... Both are saturated with an almost palpable sense of historical continuum (not always a good thing, in the case of Jericho). PETER MUMFORD

The Case Against To Kill a Mockingbird
There is better literature available that re_ects the black experience. ISAAC SANEY

Tarcadia: up the tar ponds with a paddle
Jonathan Campbell's _rst novel explores life in Sydney's working class North End. In passing "Campbell has highlighted the ridiculous, present-day, never-ending debate over the tar ponds cleanup by setting his story smack dab in the middle of it and showing us the irony of it all" writes PAUL MACDOUGALL.

Canada in Haiti: waging war on the poor majority
Independent journalists Anthony Fenton and Yves Engler are touring Canada, including the Maritimes, popularizing their new book, Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority (Fernwood).

I'm sorry, but the world's still round
'Flatman' is to globalization, what Dr Pangloss was to Candide's world, a breathless narrator of how good the going is. For the real picture, you'll have to ook elsewhere writes SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN* in his review of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat.

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