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North Street Review of Books is a bimonthly supplement issued by Shunpiking Online. Review copies should be addressed to:

Book Review Editor
Shunpiking Magazine
6211 North Street, PO Box 31377
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3R 1K1

Review submissions and letters on subjects raised in the supplement should be sent to or faxed to 902.444.7595

A first novel explores life in Sydney's North End. In passing "Campbell has highlighted the ridiculous, present-day, never-ending debate over the tar ponds cleanup by setting his story smack dab in the middle of it and showing us the irony of it all" writes reviewer PAUL MACDOUGALL.

How Nova Scotia communities began to express a voice. SILVER DONALD CAMERON

Allan the Ridge became famous throughout Cape Breton as a Bard well versed in the history and lore of Scotland and the great clans. PAUL MACDOUGALL

The wayzgoose tradition dates back to 17th century England when the menu item of choice at a printer's dinner was the wayz- (or stubble-) fed goose, hence wayz-goose. These days the word is used to describe gatherings to celebrate the process of creating books, from authors and writing, to typesetting, printing and binding.

Forty years ago Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism took wings and left the press. RON DART

The most widely read novel of all times. MIREYA CASTANEDA

'Flatman' is to globalization, what Dr Pangloss was to Candide's world, a breathless narrator of how good the going is. For the real picture, you'll have to look elsewhere, writes SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN in his review of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat.

Japan systematically looted the entire continent of Asia during WWII, seizing billions in precious metals, gems and artworks. From war's end to the present, the treasure, used by President Truman to create a secret slush fund to finance the clandestine activities of the CIA, has had a malignant effect on US and Asian politics. CHALMERS JOHNSON

The author intends the richly-illustrated, two-volume work for people who don't want to read the Bible and who are offended by large religious groups [disclaimer: the present writer feels no hatred for books, has read the Bible, and is unoffended by people's choice of religious affiliation]. KIM PETERSEN

Trust us, we're the 'experts', as they merrily quote each other as 'sources'. The trouble is, the ultimate source of their information is Washington. Terrorologists, posing as "academics", featured by the mainstream Western media, whip up hysteria about al-Qaeda, in which they have a vested interest, writes ALLEN QUICKE in his review of Terrorism and Violence in Southeast Asia, Transnational Challenges to States and Regional Stability.

Eva Golinger's new work previewed by ROSA MIRIAM ELIZALDE and ROGELIO POLANCO

Multi-billion dollar corporation recruits ordinary folks into the 'system,' uses politicians and pastors to build its empire. BILL BERKOWITZ

Canadian-based NGOs helped the federal government use "development assistance" as a tool of political influence. By Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton

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