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Cuba plans to build three decontaminant factories

HAVANA (13 October 2005) -- CUBAN authorities plan to build three factories for the manufacture of a natural decontaminant of ecosystems. The country has a collection of 400 live marine bacteria that have biotechnical use.

The country has a collection of 400 live marine bacteria that have biotechnical use.
Dr. Nzqez Moreira, director of the Center for Marine Bioproducts (Cebimar), told Granma International that the collection of bacteria "allowed us to initiate the research for the production ... of certain products, some patented and others being researched, because these unicellular microbes intervene in the manufacture of antibiotic compounds that attack organisms ... that have become resistant to medication."

Cebimar has patented Bioil-FC, a product that degrades crude oil that contaminates the seas after an oil spill. Bioil-FC was used in Spain after the disaster caused by the supertanker Prestige. It has also been used in Cuba, in the bays of Cienfuegos and Matanzas and areas of Varadero.

The types of research conducted by Cebimar are varied and for different applications. Cebimar scientists and technicians, as well as specialists from the National Institute of Oncology, are working together to obtain antitumorals from seaweed.

When it comes to international collaboration, Cebimar's specialists advise their Colombian colleagues in the production of their own collection of decontaminant bacteria.

Source: Radio Progresivo Alternativa and local media

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