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Draggng the hill with a net

The Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and other members of the Gearshift Coalition are heading to Parliament Hill in Ottawa with a truck load of dragger gear and net via Moncton and St. John. Their intention is to show Canadians and their politicians the size and destructive nature to Canada's oceans looks like. We are reproducing a release from the EAC for the information of our readers.

Stop the rape of our fisheries and oceans, once and for all.
Prime Minister Paul Martin,
May 2005
Despite this statement, the Federal Government has yet to recognize the most damaging human activity to the sea floor. Bottom trawling (dragging) has been compared to clearcutting the ocean floor. Steel plates and heavy rollers are dragged across the seabed, ploughing up everything in their path. Huge nets haul up tonnes of coral, sponges and other sea -- life which are thrown back dead or dying -- all to catch just one or two commercially valuable types of fish. In a matter of weeks, bottom trawl fishing can destroy what took many thousands of years to create. There are alternatives -- fish can be caught without destroying habitat.

The Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society are bringing a bottom trawling net from the East Coast to Parliament Hill from October 14th to October 21st to present their message to the Canadian Government that bottom dragging is the most destructive fishing gear type.

The Canadian Government must take immediate action to protect fish habitat as well as rare and threatened corals and sponges from bottom trawling in Canadian waters. Canada must also support a UN moratorium on bottom trawling on the high seas.

Join scientists, conservationists, and fishermen for one or all of the following events along our Canadian Drag Net Tour:

Halifax Friday Oct. 14th, 11am-4pm: Spring Garden Library

Kick off event
Noon: Dal Tech Auditorium, across from Library
Multimedia Presentation: "Deep Sea Life, Dragging and Alternatives"

Saint John Monday, Oct. 17th: Market Square

Montreal Tuesday, Oct. 18th

See website for location updates.
Conservationists and fishermen available for discussion. Net available for

Wednesday, Oct 19th, 9:30 am-11:30 am

Parliament Hill: Information event, display and Multimedia presentation

Thurs, Oct. 20th, 7pm
University of Ottawa. Rm 142 Complex residentielle. Multimedia Presentation and panel discussion.

Help protect fish habitat and rare and threatened species. You can make
a difference.

Write to Prime Minister Paul Martin. Visit

Keep visiting for information and updates:

Volunteers wanted for the Ottawa event -- please call Gina at (902) 453-6433 or (902) 426-1871 or email at

Sadie Beaton
Sustainable Seafood Coordinator
Ecology Action Centre

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