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The Circle Game revisited: shadows and substance in the Indian residential school experience

FREDERICTON - On 1 April 2005, Dr. Roland Chrisjohn spoke about the upcoming re-release of his book "The Circle Game." Dr. Chrisjohn, an Oneida from the Haudenausaunee Confederacy, is the Director of the Department of Native Studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. Native Awareness Days 2005 at St. Thomas was organized by the Native Student Council. This year's theme was "Human Rights and First Nations in Canada" in cooperation with the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs and Kairos.

You may listen to it online at:

Script: Dr. Roland Chrisjohn and colleagues wrote "The Circle Game" for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. It was rejected because of its challenging content. Therein, the authors assert "that existing accounts of Residential School in various Canadian and Aboriginal media systematically obscure and misinform about the facts and their interpretation; that rather than undoing the harm done by Indian Residential Schools, present-day accounts maintain and extend that abominable era." In 1998, the Circle Game was released by Theytus Books and this coming year, an updated edition will be released. Let's now join Dr. Roland Chrisjohn as he discusses the Circle Game. - Pierre Loiselle

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