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A moment's reflection

HALIFAX (30 Sep 2005) -- FIRST, to those who vote Conservative but remain nevertheless serious and sincere about seeking genuine and lasting peace against the truly awful schemes and deeds of empire-builders and colony-carvers everywhere, please indulge me a brief moment's reflection...

when the Americans violated Nuremburg Statutes, and Liberals temporarily refused to follow suit, Peter McKay upbraided Ottawa for not being obsequious.
The coming of Peter McKay to keep the provincial Conservatives in clover at Halifax is being mooted. Just pause to consider: when the Americans invaded Iraq in open violation of international law and the Nuremburg Statutes, while the Canadian government for motives best not examined any too closely temporarily joined the peace movement and declined to send troops, Peter McKay upbraided Ottawa for not marching in step with Washington. Thereby -- even though the Chrétien Liberals did not happen to oblige by openly joining Coalition of the Willing -- Peter nevertheless lent himself to aiding and abetting a war crime.

Were Peter to depart Ottawa for the Conservative leadership and/or premiership in Halifax, it would gravely insult the conscience of the majority of Canadians. Haligonians gave Bush the "welcome" he deserved last December --- the biggest antiwar demo ever in this city, mustered on four days' notice. We have clearly rejected not only this war but the entire notion of resorting to aggression in order to settle international disputes. Just because pigs might first have to grow wings before we'd have the USA invading St-Pierre-et-Miquelon and knocking on Premier Peter's door for support does not in the least lessen the ethical force, the principle, of the point being made.

Peter should simply leave Ottawa, and politics --- period. Everything the Midas man touches turns sour (his USA-all-the-way jingoism) or turns tail (Belinda Stronach). We the Canadian people would be the winners.

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