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May-June 2005


INTRODUCTION 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism
May 8 marks the 60th anniversary of the surrender of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich in 1945 and the defeat of Nazi Germany in Europe. Called Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) in the English-speaking countries, it is celebrated on May 9 in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union where it marks the victory of the Great Patriotic War. The defeat of fascism in Europe was a historic event with a permanent significance not only for Europe but for all peoples, who made the greatest contribution to its defeat. Imperialists can be stopped and their weapons silenced.

With this Dossier we want to give our readers a vivid idea of how war may and will creep up on them if it is not opposed. We want to try and discover the real political and economic origins and causes of WWII and its conduct, length and end, the war aims of the different parties, and show how war can be hatched in the greatest secrecy. How was the fate of the peoples of Europe sealed? How was fascism defeated? This has special urgency in our own day, when the imperial Washington of George W. Bush has taken on the task of declaring itself above international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

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Oral history: Afro-Americans in Winnipeg, the almighty dollar and 'friendly fire'. Veterans speak of WWII.

Celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism in Europe have taken on an unexpected pattern. The cruelty of the Nazis is recalled but always avoiding the ideology of fascism, as well as historical premises and political circumstances which lead to similar horrors. RADIO HAVANA editorial

British and US mythology about WWII ignores their own crimes and legitimizes Anglo-American warmaking today. RICHARD DRAYTON

Britain not only conveniently still forgets the crimes of its imperial past, but it has also again begun to romanticise its colonial achievements and declare them a proper source of pride. SEUMAS MILNE

As France celebrated victory in Europe on 8 May 1945, its army was massacring thousands of civilians in Sétif and Guelma - events that were the real beginning of Algeria's war of independence. MOHAMMED HARBI

Rumours of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act are still being felt by today's president. BEN ARIS and DUNCAN CAMPBELL

My personal VE day The German Der Spiegel magazine's correspondent in London, MATTHIAS MATUSSEK, thinks it's time the British give up their obsession with World War II triumphalism.

West German textbooks, films and TV portrayed Hitler as an important leader who did great things for Germany, but who made mistakes. Had he not made those mistakes, he would have remained one of Germany's great leaders. ROB GOWLAND

"Elie Weisel, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, said eloquently: "In those times those who were in the death camps felt not only tortured and murdered by the enemy, but also tortured and murdered by what they considered to be the world's silence and indifference." And a Canadian diplomat in Haiti. JOHN MAXWELL

Thirty seven of his photographs, complemented by original documents, help to contextualize the trauma of the discovery of the concentration camps. AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE.

Report to the Eighteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.) on the Work of the Central Committee J.V. Stalin's assessment of the international situation in March, 1939.

Speech delivered in Halifax on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War. HARDIAL BAINS

From The Great Conspiracy by MICHAEL SAYERS and ALBERT E. KAHN

Following the seizure of Czechoslovakia, fascist Germany proceeded with her preparations for war quite openly. Hitler, encouraged by Britain and France, no longer stood on ceremony or pretended to favour a peaceful settlement of European problems. The most dramatic months of the pre-war period had come. It was already clear that every day was bringing mankind nearer to an unparalleled catastrophic war. What was the policy at that time of the Soviet Union on the one hand, and of Great Britain and France on the other? Excerpt from FALSIFIERS OF HISTORY

(1970) The International Nickel Company of Canada, which controlled 85 per cent of world nickel production in the 1930s, delivered nickel to the Hitlerite state for political-military reasons. ALBERT NORDEN, Thus Wars Are Made.

In his his own words: "My sizing up of the man as I sat and talked with him was that he is really one who truly loves his fellow-men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good." W.L. MACKENZIE KING'S Diary, 29 June 1937

(1983) The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949. Documents the collusion of leading US monopolies in trading with and arming Nazi Germany before and during WWII. Book excerpt by CHARLES HIGHAM

(1983) Henry Ford admired Hitler from the beginning. Irenee du Pont (General Motors) was obsessed with reaction. Seeking a common future in fascist domination, then they concretized their unity. CHARLES HIGHAM
(2000) New documents reveal the close ties between Dearborn and the Nazis. KEN SILVERSTEIN

(2001) New information recently uncovered at the National Archives reveals that subsidiaries of the Eastman Kodak company traded with Nazi Germany long after US had entered the war. JOHN S. FRIEDMAN

(2005) Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee deemed it "imperative" at the end of the war that historians be prohibited from prying into "apparently unaccountable operational orders" carried out by the Allied armed forces. STAN WINER

(2005) With the invasion of Normandy on D-Day on 6 June 1944 the terms of warfare in occupied France ceased to be ostensibly those of Hitler and became clearly those of the Allied Expeditionary Force. STAN WINER

D(isinformation) Day: 60 years is enough
6 June 2004 marks 60 years since the fabled Allied invasion known as "D-Day." Lost amid the self-congratulatory orgy is the minor detail that by then the Soviets were engaging 80 per cent of the German Army on the Eastern Front. Oops ... MICKEY Z.

Act of Military Surrender Signed by Germany on 8 May 1945

Seafarers manned over 450 Canadian ships during the war and, travelling over submarine-infested waters.

Arthur Thurston's Tallahassee Skipper stands as an amazing piece of Civil War and Nova Scotian history. Paul MacDougall

Canadian Government uses occasion to promote aggression

The open society and its enemies: the story of Auschwitz
(2005) SIXTY YEARS after liberation, Auschwitz has become an international political event. It is no coincidence, and I feel that we should spare a moment asking ourselves: why now, why Auschwitz? GILAD ATZMON

Canadian Government uses occasion to promote aggression

The open society and its enemies: the story of Auschwitz
(2005) SIXTY YEARS after liberation, Auschwitz has become an international political event. It is no coincidence, and I feel that we should spare a moment asking ourselves: why now, why Auschwitz? GILAD ATZMON

(2004) The response of the Cuban government was all too characteristic. The Canadian and US governments also turned the ship and its 907 Jewish refugees away from their ports, Prime Minister Mackenzie King stating that he was 'emphatically opposed to the admission of the St. Louis' passengers'. STEPHEN FAY

(1998) A unique, powerful documentary illustrates 'the astonishing lack of information the youth have been taught about the Holocaust, the War and the struggle against fascism'. LINE GOGUEN

Communists, social democrats, trade unionists, also occasionally members of conservative and liberal political parties. The first Jewish prisoners were also sent to the Dachau concentration camp because of their political opposition."

(2005) "..Failed to draw the historical parallel, but it appears that Mengele's legacy has been resurrected by Zionists, those claiming to represent the very people he once persecuted." KIM PETERSEN

(2004) Nova Scotia's experiment in eugenics; Progressives of this period agitated for a better world, one where science, humanism and Christian values would play a large part. STEPHEN ELLIS

(2004) Key figures in the pre-state Zionist establishment proposed castrating the mentally ill, sterilizing the poor and doing everything possible to ensure reproduction only among the 'best of people.' TAMARA TRAUBMANN

(2003) The concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the US, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. EDWIN BLACK

(1998) US government-organized selective breeding continued well into the 1970s of an estimated one in every seven Native American woman. BRUCE E. JOHANSEN

One-third of the patients in Germany's asylums and hospitals for the mentally ill were murdered with official Nazi connivance during the war years -- a training programme for genocide, writes SUSANNE HELM.

Special Online Dossier on War Crimes, War Criminals and Collaborators


(2003) Echoing Shelley, JOHN PILGER exhorts journalists to 'rise like lions after slumber' against the Iraqi war which, by the judgment of the Nuremburg Tribunal, 'is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime'.

(1998) The question of war crimes cannot be taken lightly. Nor can it be reduced to a matter of past history, a passing phenomenon which came to an end with Adolph Hitler. TONY SEED

(1998) The biggest hurdle is the resistance on the part of Canadian authorities - and those in the countries where the genocide occurred - to prosecute Nazi war criminals. Revelations that many of Hitler's willing executioners have lived in Canada for years have cast a welcome spotlight on our government's role in aiding and abetting their flight from justice. Shunpiking magazine discovered one of the suspected Nazis in our midst, a former Latvian security policeman, who has lived in Nova Scotia for almost 50 years. ED STODDARD in Riga and Vilnius

(1987) They committed acts of immense brutality and terror in their own countries. And then, fleeing justice for crimes against humanity, they came or were recruited to Canada. The government welcomed them with open arms. By the mid 1980s, shocking accusations would shatter the quiet obscurity in which they worked, lived and had been protected. NEW WEEKLY MAGAZINE.

(1988) America's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on its domestic and foreign policy. Book excerpt by CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON

(4 Feb 2005) The CIA's secret documentary history of US relationship with General Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi intelligence chief for the Eastern Front during World War II. NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVE

(31 May 2004) Historians' book details new accounts of the Holocaust and relationships allied intelligence services had with war criminals. NATIONAL ARCHIVES & RECORDS ADMINISTRATION

(15 May 2003) A CIA officer's calamitous choices also involved Iraq. JERRY MELDON

(28 April 2001) "The moral question -- should we use these people -- is never asked." GEORGE LARDNER

(25 May 2000) The CIA's neo-Nazis. MARTIN A. LEE

(16 May 1988) "Project Paperclip," the code name for America's vast, secret postwar program aimed at plundering the brainpower of Germany and Austria after WWII. FREDERICK H. KASTEN

The Splendid Blond Beast
(1995) Examines how the social mechanisms of genocide often encourage tacit international cooperation in the escape from justice of those who perpetrated the crime. Book excerpt by CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON


of the Soviet Member of the International Military Tribunal, Major General Jurisprudence I. T. Nikitchenko on the Judgment concerning defendants Schacht, von Papen, Fritzsche and Hess and the accused organisations the Reichscabinet, the General Staff, and High Command (i.e., the Hitler Government, that they should have been declared to be criminal organisations).

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