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April 2005


Despite virtual silence in the Parliament and media, opposition has begun to be more widely voiced more at the agreements struck by Prime Minister Martin, US President Bush and Mexican President Fox in Texas.

Empire builders strongly the executive decree on North American partnership and the plans to hold regular summits as instrument of Fortress North America geopolitical strategy.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America begins the process of economic, social, cultural, and security assimilation into the US. MURRAY DOBBIN.

New Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act means end of independent policy on food production, inspection and enforcement, says the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition..

By what right does the US lay claim to the sea and the sky?

Shunpiking is scheduled to address the Committee on Tuesday, April 19 at 1 pm. We invite all our readers and those interested to attend the hearing.

Special Online Feature: 'A media of progress, enlightenment and freedom is possible'. Selected editorials and articles from Shunpiking elaborating our views, aims and practice on independent media, publishing and journalism, and the movement for enlightenment. (FORTHCOMING)

US Homeland Security carried out a massive exercise, "Exercise Triple Play" from April 4-8. It included New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Belledune, NB being used as US-NAFTA toxic waste dump. o Statement by seven "Bennett Trial" environmentalists

My immediate reaction was disappointment and anger (but not surprise) at what was asked and how it was asked. PETER ZIMMER (Not a Happy HRSB Camper) comments on an expensive School Board survey.

A little rain stop us from our canoe trip down South River? Never! RANDY LAUFF

I was at the flea market at a local church this past Saturday.

Ecology Action Centre's survey of 1500 Atlantic Canadians.

Five species that have been killed by the factory ships

Solidarity marches and events mark the anniversary of Aristide's ouster. The Canadian government is taking a lead role in continuing a 200-year history of colonial plunder. STUART NEATBY

o A remarkable conference. Shunpiking delegation participates.
o The National Conference in support of the Palestinian people held at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Stubborn resistance and world support ends 8-year, $8-million ordeal of James Sabzali.

Why is the Canadian government pouring millions of dollars into propaganda against popular government in Kanehsatake? The Mohawk Nation has been asking this for sometime. Could the answer be niobium? KAHENTINETHA HORN

Our Eastern Door has become the door the Rule of Law for the whole world. This is modern civilization's Thermopolae. KAHENTINETHA HORN

Disparities jeopardize the very survival of indigenous cultures. Will a new generation of indigenous peoples continue to be marginalized?

Without a concerted preservation effort, Mexico may lose even more of its indigenous languages.
Almost literally speaking, Leonor Farlow has no one to talk to. She is one of five remaining people in the world who speak the language of Kiliwa.

If only olive branches were enough. The second installment from Nova Scotia magazine publisher DIRK VAN LOON of Rural Delivery who went to harvest olives in Palestine. 6 page pdf

On 15 April Ireland's prestigious Tipperary International Peace Prize will be awarded posthumously to Dublin native Margaret Hassan. MATT BOJANOVIC

Disinformation distinguishes itself from misinformation in that the information is deliberately false; hence, it is an intentional attempt to deceive. KIM PETERSEN

The 24 hour a day "Pope-a-thon" shows the dramatic shift in the way that news is covered. MIKE WHITNEY

The Government has left open the question of foreign ownership of our cultural messengers. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
o For a Democratic Canadian Media - CEP document. 76 page pdf

Double standards towards the literary output of two elementary school students. KIM PETERSEN

The Gaelic Songster, originally put into print in 1879, returns to the Gaelic publishing world. The song tradition ranges from love songs, songs of displacement, seafaring songs, laments and protest. LEWIS MACKINNON

Splitting the Sky's autobiography is a no-holds barred account. KIM PETERSEN

The US State Dept found abuses in 190 countries, overlooking the USA itself. The Information office of China's State Council probes the reality.

EVA GOLINGER's E-book on the 2002 coup d'etat. 24 page pdf

Announcement from the Prime Minister's Office.

Prof Joseph Massad of Columbia on the McCarthyism stalking American campuses.

An excerpt from Tell Me No Lies. JOHN PILGER. Investigative journalism and its triumphs. 80 page pdf

Why don't players start their own national hockey league? KIM PETERSEN

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