Close to extinction

Five species that have been killed by the factory ships:

patagonian tooth fishPatagonian toothfish (Falkland Islands and Patagonian Shelf): Dissostichus eleginoides lives in the Falklands area - one of the world's richest marine ecosystems, teeming with penguins, unique seabirds, squid, whales, seals and fish.

kemp turtleKemp's turtle (Gulf of California, Mexico)
: Lepidochelys kempi is close to extinction. Devastated by shrimp fishing, only a few hundred nest each year in the Gulf of California - the home to manta rays, whales and sharks.

North Sea CodCod (North Sea): The common cod, Gadus morhua, is under severe threat in the North Sea from overfishing. The central North Sea's coral reefs are a crucial home and spawning ground for marine life. Banning fishing would allow cod, halibut and hake to recover.

blue fin tunaBluefin tuna (Florida coast): Due to overfishing off the US Atlantic coast Thunnus thynnus is now critically endangered. It could recover if Florida's east coast was a reserve; the area is full of marine life, including large tuna, swordfish and Olive Ridley turtles.

Whale SharkWhale shark (Philippines): Uncontrolled hunting of rhincodon typus for meat and highly prized fins led to a global ban on its sale. It lives near the Philippines, home to the world's richest coral reefs and a "hot spot" for whales and dolphins.

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