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Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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March 2005


The government has not charged a single oil company for any of the spills, large or small, reports MARK BUTLER of the Ecology Action Centre.

Nova Scotia's "evaluation" of 26 game sanctuaries and wildlife management areas. DIANA LYNN TIBERT

World-wide actions to mark anniversary of illegal US invasion; demonstration in Nova Scotian capital on 19 March.
o 48 Vermont towns vote against Iraq War
o US military recruiters face resistance from young anti-war activists
o The top ten war profiteers of 2004
o Bush's 'priceless' war

Black History Month event on Cuban people's struggle.

Two indigenous Mayan farmers killed for opposing Canada-US mining operations of Glamis Gold in Guatemala.

Alexa McDonough's selective opposition to foreign occupation, Paul Martin's selective defence of human rights, and other letters. ISMAIL ZAYID

Palestine Lives - A people live within a country, Palestine lives within its people.

A Nova Scotia magazine publisher worked three weeks as a volunteer in the olive groves of Palestine. First of two reports from DIRK VAN LOON of Rural Delivery (6 page pdf).

Australia's unabashed colonial justice. Commentary by KIM PETERSEN

Discovering social life in the "tenderloin". BRIAN FRANK

Canadian newspapers pinned their hopes for achieving peace on Abbas, personally. But not a single editorial used the essential "J" word -- Justice. DR. MOHAMED ELMASRY

Like no other journalist before him, he exposed the CIA's schemes in the drug world and how black neighbourhoods were inundated with crack. JEAN-GUY ALLARD

The mad cow crisis in the US is being swept under the rung via industry and government PR and failure of the news media. Interview with JOHN STAUBER

Minimal regard for the environment, wild creatures, First Nations and the health of workers and consumers. KIM PETERSEN

It's the Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet -- packed with relevant history, informative, and penetrating. KIM PETERSEN

The case for missile defence was based on disinformation, says Mel Hurtig in his new book reviewed by MICHAEL BYERS.

The role of think tanks and the media to disinform. CNN analyst's "new" book advocates demonization and "regime change" for Iran, writes KAVEH L AFRASIABI.

Andy Smith's new book takes you to the 'Place of the Alder', the largest wilderness area left in SW Nova Scotia. SHEENA MASSON.

The best and worst of social life of the Miramichi unfold in Larry Lynch's first novel. CHARLES SPURR

An informative and articulate viewpoint, in an easily readable style, of the problems of environmental politics. PAUL MACDOUGALL

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) essays the state of the society and the movement in the context of the offensive of US president George W. Bush and his ilk.

"Friendship First", "Carry the Ball, Carry the Books": March 10-13th, the complete program (20 page pdf) of a unique tournament.


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