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December 2004

Dossier on Security Certificates and Secret Trials in Canada - Defend the Rights of All Special online dossier from the editors of shunpiking magazine on the occasion of the Canada-Wide Day of Action Against Security Certificates and International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2004

No Harbour for War! Online Dossier from the editors of shunpiking magazine on the occasion of "visit" of George W Bush to Halifax

Halifax Days of Action Against Bush

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Ottawa Days of Action Against Bush

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"Visit" of George W Bush
Some 15,000-20,000 people by mid-day Nov. 30th in Ottawa alone. Canadians vigorously oppose war criminal Bush. Reports from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver

Speech delivered by ISAAC SANEY, NS Cuba Association, to the demonstration against Bush's "Visit" to Canada

Bush "visit" Commentaries
George Bush's policies are opening people's eyes to the folly of an economic system based on greed, war and plunder. BRUCE WARK
The message is clear: sovereignty resides in the people, and Canadian sovereignty is not served by capitulation to imperial aggression. KIM PETERSEN
The US television network ABC warned negative economic fallout may occur if Canadians strongly voice anti-war and other sentiments in opposition to the US government.
Trancript of speech by George W Bush, Halifax, NS on 1 December 2004

Authorities and volunteers worked through Monday night to save dozens of whales and dolphins after three separate beachings in Australia and New Zealand. By PAUL TAIT

For a military city like Halifax, an antiwar turnout of 4,000 to 5,000 during a chilly weekday morning is exceptional. By KIM PETERSEN

Bad News from Israel, exposes the dishonest role the main TV news coverage in Britain plays in distorting the Israel-Palestine conflict and misinforming the public. By JEAN SHAOUL

Mainstream media speak as if Fallujah were populated only by foreign "insurgents." In fact, women and children are being slaughtered in our name. JOHN PILGER

Canadian "support for Israel", the "twisted logic" of the Globe and Mail, the death of President Arafat, and other recent letters. DR. ISMAIL ZAYID

Before Iraq, the world stood by and allowed the illegal US-led invasion of Yugoslavia and the bombardment of the civilian population of Kosovo. The excuse was "mass killings" but like Iraq's WMD, it turned out that the charges of mass graves and genocide were overblown. JOHN PILGER

The scarcity of plant varieties as a result of the extinction of many wild species has led to a very vulnerable world agriculture. RAISA PAGES

Halifax has struck it rich, becoming home to one of the few troupes in Canada, to contain all elements of the flamenco art; voice, guitar, percussion and dance.

The older I get, the more radical I've become. Yes, it's supposed to be the reverse, but I've grown increasingly concerned about the world we're leaving our children. So here are a few political books I'd recommend. DEBBY SEED
The most complete-to-date chronicle of the exploits of private contractors hired to reconstruct and manage Iraq. RIA JULIEN
An approach to education "based on the premise that understanding requires conscious participation of the individual in an act of finding out". WENDY LILL reviews Professor Rafiq Islam's new book

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Yasser Arafat - Abu Ammar

Mi'kmaq / First Nations History Supplement Shunpiking

Dossier on Palestine. A special Edition of Shunpiking