The Big Boss does not forgive Bobby Fischer

Translated from an article by Vicky Peláez*

“A hero is always a shaker, the more fame he has, the more enemies he has", Gerald Messadie.

They say he never returned to the United States because since 1992 he had a fine of 250 thousand dollars and 10-year-prison term pending. A week ago the long arm of the Big Boss grabbed him in Japan. And even if the world is anguished by the persistent persecution of Bobby Fischer the genius of chess, the US system could not care less as it is determined to jail someone who was once a national hero just for the simple fact that he has dared to question the unjust wars perpetrated on other nations.

The hate the system has for Bobby Fischer reached it's peak when the bankrupt Fischer agreed to a rematch with Boris Spassky to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famous world championship between them - a championship in which he took the title away from Spassky. The rematch which was organized by a Yugoslavian banker was to award 3 million 650 thousand to the winner and a million and a half to the loser. On the eve of the rematch the United States advised Fischer that US citizens could not travel to Yugoslavia as it violated UN sanctions.

In a press conference Fischer spat on the order negating his right to travel to the event and accused the US as being the biggest violator of international laws for having invaded and declared war on helpless countries. After traveling to play the rematch he knew he could never return to his beloved New York. He knew that his pilgrimage had begun as the Big Boss was not about to forgive him for having shunned publicly Henry Kissinger back in 1972 - as he was getting prepared for a championship match against a Russian opponent at the height of the Cold War.

Fischer's genius is matched by his rebellious nature, this was so that Nixon, for example, once commented, "We should kick his ass to Iceland". It must be said that while Fischer went on to win the championship, he never went on to accept any awards, invitations, solicited by Kissinger.

The genius of this man born in Brooklyn, who now is 61 years old can be seen in the championship match back in 1974 against Boris Spassky. At that time his opponent had 35 grandmasters serving as advisors, a team of doctors, among them psychologists and parapsychologists, while Fischer was only accompanied by a friend.

Upon winning the championship, he not only won 250 thousands of dollars but received radio, television and movie contracts. The welcome in the US was exuberant with then New York Mayor John Lindsey offering him the keys of the city and naming him a national hero.

Fischer made chess what it is today, as chess schools began to spring up, as interest in books and magazines began to rise dramatically - not to mention the sales of the game.

"Never in the history of the United States has anyone done as much as I have done...Our nation's image around the world was one of football and baseball, no one had ever seen this country as being intellectual; I changed that image", said Fischer, complaining that the White House never invited him. Adding recently that, "While they were at war (Cold War) they needed me; but once it ended they robed me and now they want to put me in jail."

Fischer's story is fascinating, as it is known that he began to play the "scientific game" at the age of five, winning at the age of thirteen youth championship, and winning the world championship at the age of 29. According to experts his abnormally high I.Q. along with with his extraordinary memory helped him revolutionize the game of Chess; a game which was not popular at that time.

A genius like Fischer with his sensibilities would never agree with the current politics of the United States.

Last year on a radio station in Manila, Philippines, he declared that, "the United States government is dictatorial and brutal. It is dominated by Jews who not only persecute me but the Palestinians as well ... who they kill with without anyone caring ... Since the events of September 11, the military have ruled the country".

It seems that the events of September 11 has had an important impact on his life.


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