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Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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June 01 2004

International Symposium on Media and Disinformation Phenomenal response from around the world for the forthcoming symposium in Halifax this coming June 30-July 4. See endorsements.

That disinformation exists is well established. The international situation has become increasingly dangerous, filled with tension between the peoples and the big powers and amongst the big powers themselves. Disinformation has emerged as one of their most powerful weapons against peace and humanity.

Noam Chomsky supports International Symposium on Disinformation HALIFAX (10 June 2004) -- Prominent U.S scholar Noam Chomsky has expressed his support for the Halifax International Symposium on Media and Disinformation convened for the defence of truth in the media and scheduled to take place in Halifax from June 30 through July 4 of this summer. "It sounds very good. I will be happy to be listed as an endorser."

Upcoming International Symposium on Media and Disinformation HALIFAX (10 June 2004) -- A fountain of disinformation has flowed forth from the invasion and occupation of Iraq. KIM PETERSEN

Newfoundland: Why "the cod rots from the head"
The Canadian government attacks the EU over fishing activities in international waters while keeping silent about the treacherous sellout of resources under Canada's own jurisdiction, in May FPI was scrambling to sign deals in China.

Don't let Aliant off the hook!
"We have discovered that while Aliant is telling the media everything is running fine despite the strike, it is, at the same time, seeking CRTC approval to forego its obligation to pay rebates to customers suffering poor service."

38th general election begins

  • Important dates to remember
  • Registered political parties
  • The House of Commons at a glance
  • Chief Electoral Officer announces application of Supreme Court decision on third parties
  • Broadcast Consortium censors political choices - Green Party Press Release, May 27, 2004

Parties must come clean on media issues - union
Political parties must state their positions on the ownership of Canada's media corporations and public broadcasting in order to avoid election coverage being biased by self-interest, says Canada's largest media union.

Canadian government silence on Israeli war crimes
Canada opens door wide for Israeli arms exports to Canada? GARY ZATZMAN

Defend Cuba against U.S. aggression!
"This is a very dangerous time for Cuba. No one can predict the future, but we can and must read the signs." Statement issued by the Nova Scotia Cuba Association.

Righteous Jews: Israel's uncomfortable voices of dissent
The image of righteous Jews taking a moral and physical stand against tanks and bulldozers is profoundly disquieting to Israel and its North American agents.

Cholera and the age of the water barons
The seeds of the epidemic had been sown long before South Africa decided to take its deadly road to privatization.

New York Times issues one Mea Culpa after another for its Iraq coverage
Says it published slanted information leading up to the war and occupation, was duped by the Pentagon.

The foreign correspondent: Why aren't you in Rafah?
A journalist outs the Globe and Mail for "reporting" the massacre at the Rafah refugee camp from the confort of Jerusalem. JON ELMER

Health Canada wins Code of Silence award
The Canadian Association of Journalists says Health Canada is the most secretive government department in Canada.

Life and Culture
Commercialization of Olympic Games wins again
The "noble ideal of sports" is manifested through achievement, and above all, in "sports as a purely recreational activity within everyone's reach."

Eat less and walk more
Less food and more physical activity are recommended by experts to prevent the syndrome of diabetes and obesity.

The American Empire and the Fourth World
A book to read; and then to read agian.
ROBIN MATHEWS (updated-June 7th)

Breaking news: Newfoundland declares war on USA!,

President George Bush was in the Oval Office wondering which country to invade next, when his telephone rang.

Gaelic events in Nova Scotia
Thigibh dhachaidh ugainn!! (Come home to us!!)

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