911 and shunpiking the world


(HALIFAX) -- Hamza Ayaz, a twelve-year-old student, spoke briefly and spontanoeusly at the April 10th demonstration in Halifax against the American occupation of Iraq and slaughter of the people of Falluja. He then contacted the Halifax Politican Forums and asked to speak at the Forum on Immigrant Rights, April 22, at Dalhousie University. We are reproducing the full text of his presentation below. The title is Hamza's.

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9-11 was a huge atrocity in the history of mankind. Thousands of innocent Americans were killed in the bombings of the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers. Millions upon millions of Muslims have condemned these bombings, yet there are still those people who can't get it through their heads that we were and are against the bombings.

After 9-11, Muslims and people from anywhere along the Middle East have to live in fear of prejudice. For someone that's from there, you can even feel it when you are going to the corner store for some milk. Believe it or not you can even feel it when you are going to school.

Everybody thinks that if you're from the Middle East, you are very different from them. But of course it is not really their fault, all they do is turn on the TV and get the nonsense information pumped into their brain.

You turn on the news and all it tells you is about all the US soldiers that were killed that day. But you rarely hear how many innocent Iraqis, Afghanis and Palestinians were killed that day. In turn this causes the viewer to think that the oppressed are actually guilty of some crime, and are murderers when they are actually defending themselves and their country.

With this view in everybody's mind, the personnel at the airport take extra security measures when a person who is from the Middle East or a Muslim shows up wanting a ticket.

It is terrible that even children have to suffer this fear of persecution. What is even more terrible is that other children are being taught this nonsense that is being thrown around after 9-11. 9-11 has affected everybody in every country in the world.

The Children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine have to grow up in an atmosphere of fear. There are guns all around them. In at least two cases innocent Iraqi children have been shot and killed by US forces, because they thought a stray ball was a grenade. I'm sure not many of you heard about that. Why? Because the US government already has enough people against the war in Iraq, they don't need the media to escalate the hatred that the public already has about this war.

But fortunately, most of the people in Canada are open-minded and friendly. The people here are sensitive to this issue. I hope that the Canadian government will also be aware that a lot of children's futures are being ruined, and I hope that the Canadian government will not support any injustices.

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