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Special Online Feature

We will be posting additional articles, monthly, on the 2004 Native Summit of the Martin Liberals, the 2003 struggle against the Native Governance Act (Bill C-7) of the Chrétien Liberals, the 2002 referendum of the BC Liberals, and shunpiking magazine's Mi'Kmaq Supplement of October, 1999, with additional indepth articles about the Marshall Decision from our archives. Visit again soon!

Gustafsen Lake Defenders demand public inquiry Since the end of the standoff, Defenders have called for an inquiry into the military siege.

Red-X Speaks: House Mohawk continues to disparage Field Warriors After visiting the field of battle at Kanehsatake, Red-X dropped by the spacious offices of MNN and parted with some of his infinite wisdom on the situation.

"Reconciliation" for whom? (22 April 2004) New Brunswick is fighting the Joshua Bernard Decision. TONY SEED

Joshua Bernard Decision: Some facts behind the Decision. (22 April 2004) ANDREA BEAR NICHOLAS

The American Empire and the Fourth World. Preface by ANTHONY HALL

B.C. First Nations launches sour gas lawsuit sour gas. "We must be able to hunt and fish and live on our land again... " LLOYD DOLHA

Venezuela and Indigenous Rights. A threat to the hegemony of the elite and neo-liberalism. GLOBAL EXHANGE

Call for a public inquiry on Gustafsen Lake. (16 March 2004) A major assault on Aboriginal rights, title and jurisdiction

The Canada You Stole. (15 March 2004) Suggestions to the Council of Canadians "from some People who already have been flattened on stopping an economic steamroller".

Imperialism, Conquest, Indigenous Peoples, Aboriginal Title, Treaties and International Law. (3 March 2004) The Occupation of BC, Iraq, and The West Bank, The Extradition Cases Of Sitting Bull, Leonard Peltier, James Pitawanakwat, and John Graham. An essay by ANTHONY J. HALL

Brazil: Indians forced to retake land (22 February 2004). 3000 Indians “repossessed” 9000 neighbouring hectares


Inuit People launch human rights case against Bush Administration (2 February 2003)

One man's goal: for a tribe to pray in its own language. (15 November 2003). The Passamaquoddy's struggle. KATIE ZEZIMA

Indigenous Children: Worst Situation in Latin America (24 September 2003)

Solidarity message of Native American and political prisoner Leonard Peltier to Fidel Catsro and the Cuban people (August, 2003)

The eagle’s feather. (29 August 2003) ORLANDO ORAMAS LEON

For Your Information: Treaty Denial 1779-1982. (June, 2003) SIMON OSMOND, Atlantic Policy Congress

Halifax Political Political Forum on Language Rights (June, 2003). The equality of all languages is a growing concern and a basic democratic right.

Native Language immersion teachers program: first of its kind in North America. (June, 2003) St. Thomas University


Mustard Gas in the Bras d’Or Lakes. (October, 2002) Two dumping sites are close to Mi’kmaq communities ... there is no scientific research. BARRY BERNARD

Burnt Church First Nation Going Once... (16 August 2002) -- ESGENOOPETITJ: A DFO "agreement" signed under duress. KWEGSI (LLOYD AUGUSTINE*)

Burnt Church ready to deal (July 2002). The Native reserve feudal order will be empowered and entrenched. JAMES WARD

Massive charges against fishermen. (July 2002) Canadians are being charged 2000 times more frequently than foreign fleets. TONY SEED

Call for independent public inquiry into DFO and RCMP Violence at Burnt Church. (June, 2002) Atlantic (ARC-A) Observer Project generalizes the evidence. TONY SEED

Mr. Prime Minister, I am from the Mikmaq Nation in Cape Breton Island. I am a fishermen. (May, 2002) An open letter from JEROME BASQUE

Fish monopolies and the government prepare to fillet whatever remains of fishermen's livelihoods. (April, 2002) Media disinformation about another "war" on the waters. GARY ZATZMAN

The denigration of 'a great national question'. (April, 2002) The referendum on Aboriginal title in British Colombia. ANTHONY J. HALL


An act of terrorism was committed against my people (4 October 2001). JAMES WARD. This act of genocidal terrorism is part of an ongoing campaign of Canadian state-directed and forced assimilation.

Indian Brook saves village water supply. (July 2001) LENA SIEGERS

"You cause us to walk taller and prouder". (June 2001) Letter to shunpiking from Sister DOROTHY MOORE.

Mi'kmaq loggers to be sentenced for defending their hereditary rights (April, 2001)

Donald Marshall on Marshall: "One bowl for all". (February-March, 2001) A vision for the fisheries.

Important Facts about the Indian Brook First Nation Fishery (Shubenacadie Band) (February 2001)

Canada's abuse of human rights. (February 2001) Christian Peacemaker Teams release a comprehensive report, "Gunboat Diplomacy".

An analysis of the modern day treaty proposal (Self-assimilation). (1 February 2001) The federal neo-colonial strategy. KWEGSI (LLOYD AUGUSTINE)

Executioner reviews itself. (February-March, 2001) DFO's Atlantic Fisheries Policy Review: "DFO has no solutions to the fisheries crisis because DFO itself has emerged as one of its major causes." SHUNPIKING EDITORIAL

The Making of an Indian Fighter and a Canadian Premier. (February, 2000) The main episode that launched the NDP's Ujjal Dosanjh towards the premiership of BC may very well break him. ANTHONY HALL

Neo-liberal glossary used by governments and media to misinform Canadians about Aboriginal Peoples.

Road to justice? Canadian Constitution established to protect all race-based theories. ARC Insider


White man's burden still very much the policy of federal Liberals. (18 December 2000). Crocodile tears from the government and the media on the plight of the Sheshashui (Mushuau Innu) at Davis Inlet, Labrador.

Who Has Treaty Rights? (3 November 2000) MAQTEWEKPAQTISM

People of the Dawn: Re-claiming history

Second MI'KMAQ / FIRST NATIONS HISTORY SUPPLEMENT -- Volume 5, Number 38 / October/December, 2000

Fishermen, Natives want DFO investigated. (October, 2000) United demand refutes "divide and rule". DFO's concern for "conservation" is a facade; it's in bed with corporations, they say. TONY SEED

Disisnformation: Splitting The Sky speaks on Gustafson Lake and the new documentary "Above The Law: Part 2" (11 October 2000)

Disinformation & Progress: "Secret RCMP report" sows disinformation about political and social violence. (8 October 2000) A 1998 report on Burnt Church and other First Nations, compiled one year before the Marshall Decision. National Post attempts to justify criminalization.

Those who Say NO to DFO! A special report

- SEEING WITH ONE’S OWN EYES: The truth about Burnt Church. (9/2000) Three eyewitness reports, commentary and photography from independent observers

- The truth about Burnt Church. Seeing is believing: how the CBC and the press change the facts on the water. ANURADHA RAO

- Peace will come in our listening. NINA BAILEY-DICK and MATTHEW BAILEY-DICK

- Who is breaking the law? BENNO BARG

- Mi’kmaq, fishermen condemn new U.S. oil tests (9/2000)

Condemn state attack against Burnt Church fishers! (September, 2000). Statement by CPC(ML) on the attacks against boats belonging to Burnt Church.

Australia's Enduring Disgrace. (September, 2000) The Secret Shame Behind the Sydney Olympics. JOHN PILGER

Evidence Presented to Address Canada's Request to Extradite Mr. James Pitawanakwat from the United States for His Involvement in the Gustafsen Lake Standoff in British Columbia in 1995. Dr. TONY HALL of the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada at the Request of Mr. Paul Papak, Assistant Federal Public Defender in Portland Oregon, September, 2000.

Aboriginal Rights Coalition (23 August 2000) "Documents injustice, violence and bad faith on the part of our government representatives involved in the Burnt Church fishery dispute."

United Church of Canada. (11-20 August, 2000) 37th General Council actions regarding Burnt Church.

Native and non-native fishers unite against oil and gas monopolies. (July, 2000) Native and non-native fishermen protest oil and gas exploitation in fishing grounds off the western coast of Cape Breton.

Lighting Matches: opening of the spring lobster season. (May/2000) A situation requiring a serious and coolheaded approach.Fishermen, First Nations and all enlightened people should oppose any attempts to inflame the situation. SHUNPIKING EDITORIAL

Fishers, Mi’kmaq, environmentalists challenge petroleum board, leases (May, 2000) TONY SEED

For Your Information: Draft for the Esgenoopotitj First Nation (EFN) Fishery Act (Fisheries Policy). (11 May 2000) JAMES WARD and LLOYD AUGUSTINE

Who gets the flute? AIMS’ self-defining riddle. (May, 2000) JANICE HARVEY

About Shunpiking and Shunpiking. (14 January 2000) DAVID HENRY of CKDU ArtsSpeak speaks with editor TONY SEED about shunpiking and its coverage of the fisheries and the Marshall Decision, among other questions.


Dossier on the Marshall Decision

The Marshall Decision, disinformation and the body size of lobsters. "It was a backroom deal" ... and here it is. (December, 1999) TONY SEED

The myth of 12,000 Mi'kmaq fishermen and the racist fisher (December, 1999)

Affirming Hereditary Rights: The Marshall Decision highlights the need for new arrangements

The Marshall Decision: The revolt against DFO. (December, 1999) Excerpts from Briefs to the Standing Committee On Fisheries

DFO lectures the world (December, 1999). Privatization, divide-and-rule at World Bank/FAO conference in Australia. TONY SEED

What is the trouble and who is the troublemaker in the East Coast fisheries? (11 November 1999) Marshall II: Different sections of a reactionary alliance objected to different aspects. GARY ZATZMAN

The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights and Rule of Law.BILL LIGHTBOWN

A tale of two wharves. Nova Scotians have made the best and worst attempts to come to grips with native commercial fishing rights. (9 November 1999) JANICE HARVEY

The thing about old treaties. (9 November 1999) JANICE HARVEY

DFO's Policy of divide and rule: facts are stubborn things. (October, 1999) What lies behind the reporting of the monopoly media about "confrontations"? Interview with TONY SEED

Marshall Decision -- Who and what are behind vigilantism and “bigotry” in the fisheries?

FIRST MIKMAQ / FIRST NATIONS HISTORY SUPPLEMENT. Shunpiking, Volume 4, Number 30 / October-November 1999

Marshall Decision: The wrecking role of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (3 October 1999) TML EDITORIAL

Defending Hereditary Rights: Struggle of the First Nations in British Columbia. (3 October 1999) BILL LIGHTBAUN

Chapel Island, Island of Renewal. (August, 1999). An island on a lake on an island is bustling with life. SHEENA MASSON

Disinformation: Hearing the other side of the story at Gustafsen Lake. (Spring, 1997) BEN MAHONY

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