Playoff hockey
Nike -- Canadian, Eh?

HALIFAX (16 April 2004) -- Bauer Nike Hockey Inc. is cutting more than 300 jobs as it closes a hockey stick factory in Cambridge and a goalie equipment facility in Mississauga, which are both in Ontario. It will also reduce staff at its skate and helmet manufacturing facility in St. Jerome, Quebec. The anti-labour restructuring will cost the jobs of 137 workers in Cambridge, 30 in Mississauga, and 154 in St. Jerome.

In a banal heartless statement that is being heard with increasing frequency from industrial capitalists, Chris Zimmerman, president and CEO of Bauer Nike Hockey, said earlier this year, "We recognize that the realities of competitive manufacturing affect people and this is clearly a difficult day for all of us."

Not so difficult for Nike apparently, as it will continue its sales operations as usual using production from "sourced" companies around the world including some within Canada. Bauer Nike Hockey, a subsidiary of global conglomerate Nike Inc., holds about 19 per cent of the global market for hockey equipment and apparel.

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