Nova Scotia's Maple Industry

Currently, there are over 70 maple producers in Nova Scotia with the total number of taps over 300,000. This represents ten percent of the 36,000 acres of good producing maple sugar trees in the province. Annual production exceeds 140,000 litres of maple syrup. The bulk of this crop is sold as syrup. The remainder is used to produce products such as:
• Maple Butter
• Maple Cream
• Maple Jelly
• Maple Sugar

Buying Maple Syrup

Look for "Pure Maple Syrup" written on the label for genuine, 100 percent pure maple product. The grades and color class of the syrup will also be on the label as shown below:
• Canada No. 1 (Extra Light, Light, Medium)
• Canada No. 2 (Amber)
• Canada No. 3 (Dark)
Many people prefer the dark syrup for baking because of the stronger maple flavour.

Sugar Party?

Have you ever been to a "sugaring off" party?

Why not plan one of your own this season.

Your celebration of the maple season can be as simple as a sugar on the snow demonstration and a tasting party, or as elaborate as an evening of night dancing, food and entertainment for all ages.

Proceedure: Boil maple syrup in a medium to large size pot. Most versions suggest 110-120 degrees Celsius on the candy thermometer. If you don't have thermometer, drop a tablespoon of syrup over some hard-packed fresh snow. The maple syrup should be transformed on contact with the cold snow. Suddenly, before you is a waxy, sweet, chewy taffy-like candy, and the taste is unforgettable!!

Glossary -- "Sweet Talk"

Filtering: The process of clarifying pure maple syrup. Raw syrup contains various suspended particles (called "sugar sand") brought out in the boiling process. In earlier days, these particles were "settled out" in bulk containers before retail packaging. Today, we filter through cloth and paper membranes, producing crystal clear syrup.

Shelf Life: Unopened containers of pure maple syrup may be left in a cool, dark place for 6 months without refridgeration. After opening, syrup should be refridgerated. Freezer storage keeps open or unopened containers indefinitely, and the liquid does not solidify. A mold on the surface of opened syrup may be skimmed off, and the product may be reused after heating to 190 degrees Farenheit. Place reheated syrup into a new, airtight container.

Sugaring Time: (Season) Occurs in early spring when days are 35-45 degrees and nights are below freezing. When several of these days occur in succession, sap begins to flow. When nightime temperatures remain above freezing and days warm into the 50's, the trees begin to bud and the season ends.

Tapping: The first step in sugaring, when 7/16 inch diameter holes are drilled about 3 inches deep into the maple tree trunks. Many old trees have been tapped in this way for 75 or more years.




Maple Sugar Producers

There are over 70 maple producers in Nova Scotia, many of them who have camps and welcome visitors, some year-round. Producers are alphabetically listed by county below. Remember, it's always best to phone aheead.

Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia. 12 Valley Rd, Westchester Stn,
B0M 2A0.
Tel: 548-2973
Fax: 902-548-2833
Jean Bentley

Annapolis County

Thomas Wilson Bell.
Box 114, Annapolis Royal,
B0S 1A0

Antigonish County

Haveracres Farms.
St. Joseph's Rd,
RR1, Antigonish,
B2G 2K8
Tel: 863-3614
Jason Haverkort

Our sugar camp is located 200m off St. Joseph's Road. We have the only commercial sugar bush operation in Antigonish County. Our operation produces syrup from 8000 taps on a pipeline system using reverse osmosis and a 4X12 wood fired evaporator. Visitors are welcome during the season; please call before travelling to the camp to ensure we are in operation.

Cape Breton

Black River Maple Products (See Shunpiking Article)
PO Box 55, Mabou,
Nova Scotia B0E 1X0
Telephone (902)258-3354
Fax (902)258-3244
Sales Contact Neal Livingston

Cape North Development Ltd.
Box 4, Dingwall, B0C 1G0
Ken MacKinnon

Melody Mountain Maple Creations.
311 Grenville St,
Port Hawkesbury,
B0E 3L0
Melody Rooyakkers

Paul MacKenzie.
64 Leonard St,
Sydney, B1S 2T5

Colchester County

Alfred Grew.
RR1, Bass River,
B0M 1B0

Boondock Maple.
Tel: 657-3348
Scot Whitelaw

Brian Brown.
B0M 1P0

Davison’s Pancake House & Maple Products
– Newville Lakeview Farms.
RR1, Parrsboro, B0M 1S0.
Tel: 254-2562.
Charles Davison

Don Beebe.
B0M 1Z0

Gordon Fisher.
Bass River

Kirmac Maple Products.
2 Greenvale Court,
Truro, NS B2N 6H3
Tel: 895-9306

Roadside camp in Earltown,
25 minutes from Truro on Earltown-Kemptown Road. Take Hwy 104 exit 18, or Hwy 311 and watch for signs. Please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Jamey Baird. RR6, Truro, B2N 5B4

John Kennedy. Truro

Maple Ridge Farms.
95 Smith Ave.,
B2N 1C6.
Tel/Fax: 895-8641
G. Cook

Guided tours on request. Camp: New Annan, 6 km from paved road. Sugar off by appointment. Visitors welcome.

Sugar Moon Farm Maple Products and Pancake House
Alex MacDonald Rd, Earltown, B0K 1V0
Tel: 657-3348
Quita Gray/Scott Whitelaw

Open year round offering: fully licensed Maple Breakfast served all day; Maple Products; Sugar Camp Tours; Sugar Bush hiking, skiing & snowshoeing trails; Sleigh & Wagon Rides (seasonally by reservation); Chef's Nights - gourmet maple dining experiences; Group Bookings & Private Parties
Hours of Operation: Open Weekends Year Round, Sat. & Sun. 9 am to 5 pm
Open daily from June 15 to Labour Day, 9 am - 5 pm
Group bookings & reservations are always possible outside of these hours - contact us for info.

Swan’s Maple Products.
RR4, Tatamagouche,
B0K 1V0
Tel: 657-2547 or 657-2462
Jim Bezanson

Camp: Central New Annan. Less than 3 km from Route #256 on Government maintained road. (Grist Mill Road) For more detailed directions or prices, please call. Visitors welcome anytime. Year round sales of maple products.

Cumberland County

Arnold K Goodwin.
RR1, Southampton,
B0M 1W0.
Tel: 546-2346
Camp: East Mapleton (on Lynn Rd.) Distancefrom paved road: Roadside. Sugar Off: Yes, by appointment. Visitors Welcome.

Austin's Sugar Woods,
RR#1 Springhill
NS B0M 1X0
Tel: (902) 597-2882
Keith and Nancy Lou

In operation over 60 years. Keith is a third generation producer. Camp: Rodney, next to Springhill. 1.6 km from paved road (a pleasant walk or drive). Plan a day... sample the taste of maple & experience springtime in the woods. Sugar off times vary. Visitors welcome. Groups call ahead.

Bentley’s Maple. 12 Valley Rd, Westchester Stn, B0M 2A0.
Tel: 548-2973
Fax: 548-2833
Avard Bentley

Come one, come all!! Camp: Westchester Mtn. Distance from paved road: 2 km. Distance from pavement 6 km. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome. Groups welcome by appointment. Join us for a Tree Tapping Day on March 20/2004 from 1-4:30 pm.

Davison's Pancake House & Maple Products
RR#1 Parrsboro NS B0M 1S0
TEl: (902) 254-2562

Camp: Halfway River, 100 ft from road. Sugar off daily from March 5 to April 11. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Weekdays by appointment. Visitors welcome.

D. L. Hanna & Sons Ltd. RR1, Parrsboro, B0M 1S0

Dickinson Brothers. RR3, Southampton, B0M 1W0. Tel:
Tel: 546-2342
Fax: 546-2787
K Dickinson

Camp: 7799 Hwy 2, West Brook. Distance from paved road: Roadside. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome: 9am-5pm. Groups, please call ahead.

Donkin’s Sugar Woods. RR6, Amherst, B4H 3Y4
Tel: 667-3729
Donald Donkin

Frosty Maple Products. 491 Southbrook Rd, RR1, Southampton, B0M 1W0
Tel: 546-2275
Harold Langille

Camp: 491 South Brook Rd. (Mapleton). Roadside camp. Sugar off on weekends. Visitors welcome. Groups please call ahead.

Gary Hunter. RR1, Springhill, B0M 1X0

Glen Smith. 233 McGee St, RR1, Springhill, B0M 1X0

Hugh Adams. RR1, Southampton, B0M 1W0

Keith Austin. RR1, Springhill, B0M 1X0

Ken Nelson. Box 405, Amherst, B4H 3Z5

Little River Farms. RR3, Oxford, B0M 1P0. Derrick O’Donnell

Kevin McCormick. RR1, Springhill, B0M 1X0
Tel: 597-2645 cell 664-2744
Fax: 597-8228

Camp: Rodney, look for a sign at 820 Rodney Road. Walk or drive 1.6 km from paved road. Bulk operation - packaged product available. Visitors welcome anytime for self guided tours.

Mapleton Enterprises Ltd. RR1, Southampton, B0M 1W0
Tel/Fax: 546-2844
J Keith Crowe

East Mapleton, Lynn Road. Camp roadside (a 10 min walk to tapped trees). Sugar off at various times. Visitors welcome. Groups please call ahead.

Max Spicer. Spencer’s Island, B0M 1S0

Neil Ripley. RR2, Nappan Station, B0L 1C0
Tel: 667-3978

Robin Boss. RR1, Springhill, B0M 1X0

Stanley Thompson. 18480 Hwy#2, Fenwick NS, B0I 1C0
Stanley Thompson

Camp: Fenwick, .5 km from paved road. Sugar off daily. Visitors welcome.

Wendell Smith. RR3, Amherst, B4H 3Y1
Tel: 447-3466

Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre. 105 Lower Main St, Box 338, Oxford, B0M 1P0.
Tel: 477-2908
Crystal Rushton

Wyvern Farms Ltd. 762 Wyvern Rd., Collingwood Corner, NS BOM 1EO
Phone: 686-3357
Fax: (902) 686-3209
Brian Sweet

Camp: 762 Wyvern Road. Distance from paved road: Roadside. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome.

Digby County

Clement Comeau Maple Products. Box 110, RR1, Saulnierville, B0M 2A0

Halifax County

Acadian Maple Products Camp
Camp: 13578 Peggy's Cove Rd. (Hwy#333), Upper Tantallon, Halifax Co. NS B0J 2N0
Tel: 826-2312
Fax: 820-3000
Brian Allaway

Easily located at the end of the Hammonds Plains Rd. in Upper Tantallon. See how maple syrup is produced and visit our retail outlet to find a wide assortment of maple products.Items include syrup, cream, butter, sugar, maple flavoured coffee & tea, maple BBQ sauce, maple roasted peanuts, brittle and more. Sugar on snow, weather and conditions permitting. $2/person.

James Hutchinson. Box 2, Upper Musquodoboit, B0N 2M0

Hants County

David Hill. 6690 Hwy 215, RR1, Maitland, B0N 1T0

Kings County

Del DeRoche. RR5, Berwick

Munro’s Mountain Maple Sugar Camp.
RR2 Wolfville, 347 Sunken Lake Road, NS B4P 2R2.
Tel: 542-2658
Perry Munro

Camp: off Hwy 101, Exit 11 - 4 miles to Sunken Lake. Distance from paved road 600 yards. Perry and Judi Munro and family. Pancakes/syrup/maple beans/brown breadserved on weekends from mid-March to mid-April. Must phone ahead for appointment -- 4 sittings per day beginning at 10 a.m. Sleigh rides available on weekends. Sugar off weekends and by appointment.

Inverness County

Black River Maple Products. Box 55, Mabou, B0E 1X0
Tel: 258-3354
Neal Livingstone

Camp: 1 km in on MacLellan’s Rd. off Hwy #19 in Black River between Mabou and Inverness. Open March and April. Visitors welcome, please call ahead.

Lunenburg County

M. C. Vienot & Sons. RR6, Bridgewater, B4V 2W5

Rex Vienot Maple Products. Maplewood, RR1, Barss Corner, B0R 1A0
Tel: 644-3358

Pictou County

Dalhousie Maple Products. RR2, Durham, B0K 1H0
Tel: 485-4526
D. L. MacLean

Family operated, dedicated to top quality. Because our sugar bush is located in a remote area, we have established a small packaging plant at our Durham location. Visitors are always welcomed.

Greg & Marie Morois. Box 248, Pictou, B0K 1H0

Murdock Sutherland. RR1, Scotsburn, B0K 1R0


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