New York Times issues one Mea Culpa after another for its Iraq coverage. Says it published slanted information leading up to the war and occupation, was duped by the Pentagon.

The foreign correspondent: Why aren't you in Rafah?
A journalist outs the Globe and Mail for "reporting" the massacre at the Rafah refugee camp from the comfort of Jerusalem. JON ELMER

Health Canada wins Code of Silence award
The Canadian Association of Journalists says Health Canada is the most secretive government department in Canada.

The quagmire of the US media.
the US media have been covering the occupation of Iraq as a story of faraway clashes and uncertainties. In the process, the term "quagmire" has become a central part of the American media discourse.

Sinking in their own spin
Information straight out of the spin dryer is bad news for democracy.

Why do we condemn anti-semitism more than anti-Islam?
Today, any anti-Semitism incident will be met with strong condemnation from the media, governments and nearly all quarters of civil society. And that is as it should be.

When in doubt, just blame the unions
The overwhelming anti-union bias of business commentators, repeated so often it infiltrates popular common-sense wisdom.

Worth repeating: the echos of the past
Disinformation and demonization preceed slaughter.

Challenging how the Halifax Daily News "reports" opposition on Iraq. (01/5/04) We need to be clear: the U.S. is an occupying army, after oil and power.

Provocation within a provocation: State-organized racist attacks over the CBC News (15/4/04) HALIFAX --There is a wave of provocations under way against the unity of the Canadian people, against what tends to draw them together. GARY ZATZMAN

A happy compromise: hate crime reporting in the Globe & Mail (14/4/04) PETERBOROUGH --The Globe and Mail is a respectable paper. It's probably the most respectable paper in Canada. What's more, it's not owned by hard-line Zionists; Toronto has Izzy Asper's National Post to fill that slot.

Media outlets are too eager to root out terrorists Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, media outlets seem hell-bent on rooting out terrorists.

Campaign against foreign ownership of Canada's media and telecommunications industries (26/1/04) OTTAWA --A day-long conference January 15 in Ottawa examined the status of foreign ownership in the broadcast and telecommunications sectors. The conference participants agreed to mount a co-ordinated campaign to keep the media and telecommunications sectors in Canadian hands.

The Martin Luther King you don't see on TV (19/1/04) Halifax --It's become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King's birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader."

$1 million lawsuit against the St. Catharines Standard (6/12/03) BRANTFORD --Human rights activist Susan Howard-Azzeh launched a $1 million lawsuit against CanWest Global Communications, for defamation.

Media comes out the loser in political forum (3/12/03) Vancouver --Canadians could wake up one morning to find their democracy all but gone.

Freedom of the press is for those who own one (11/10/03) Sackville
--We face classic problems of monopoly media ownership in which homogeneity and a narrow range of opinion are common features of the news media.
Dr. Erin Steuter

Acadian journalists question feudal empires (10/10/03) MONCTON
--"Media concentration is worse in Canada than in other industrialized countries; in New Brunswick, way worse." DRU OJA JAY

Hurricane Juan and depleted uranium (24/9/03) BLUE ROCKS --The Canadian Forces were cleaning up unexploded shells from the 1940s (WW2) "and other debris". Why isn't the Herald telling us what this "other debris" is or could be? Mitzi Bowman

Halifax Herald: Blaming the victims (22/9/03) Halifax --Editorial staff of The Herald delete main points in letter. TONY SEED

Canwest Global's attempts to equate fight for the human rights with "anti-semitism" --"They're essentially calling us anti-Semitic, with the very serious, implicit message that anyone who stands up for human rights, they're going to try to silence."

Canwest's Godfather: mafioso tactics? --Asper fumbles: "I have no idea what he's talking about."

The Nova Scotia elections: A media above society (18/7/03) --The monopoly media in Nova Scotia played a leading role in trivializing the recent provincial election and marginalizing the real concerns and problems of the people, says Bruce Wark, media critic and professor of journalism at King's College School of Journalism in Halifax. TONY SEED

Welcome to our first online publication! (8/7/03) --Since the launching of shunpiking on 3 December 1995 our magazine has matured and developed to become a vibrant news and quality information source for Nova Scotians, readers across Canada and not a few readers around the globe.

The invaders are haunted by their own pragmatic ethos (3/4/03) OTTAWA-HULL --In this war of aggression against Iraq, it has become clear that the invaders are haunted by their own pragmatic ethos that “nothing succeeds like success.”

The "free press" (1/12/02) --Stephen Kimber, director of the school of journalism at the University of King's College, has resigned from The Daily News, protesting censorship of his columns by Southam monopoly.

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