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April 1-15 2004

Haligonians organize emergency rally against brutal U.S. occupation
(9/4/04) HALIFAX --A number of prominent anti-war activists in Halifax have denounced the barbarous U.S. slaughter of Iraqis, defended the right of the people of Iraq for self-determination and called for an emergency rally in that city to end the brutal occupation of Iraq.

Newfoundland public sector on strike since April 1
(4/6/04) In the largest such mass action in its history, Newfoundland's
20 000 public sector workers went out on strike April 1st.

Concessions, Concessions, Concessions: That's What's at Stake (4/4/04) Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE) position statement

The World Still Says No to War!
(3/21/04) Reports from Halifax, Antigonish, across Canada and around the world as millions of people participate in actions against the Iraqi war

March 20, 2004
(3/20/04) On the first anniversary of the war. Point of View TONY SEED

Anti-Poverty Initiative denounces slurs against the poor

(2/20/04) Haligonians should be able to live a life of dignity and security. CHARLES SPURR

DFO in the dock. Part II
(1/28/04) Eastern Passage fisherman WAYNE EDDIE speaks about a Federal Court case against DFO.

Law students discuss social, political impacts of law
(6/3/04) Between 80 to 100 law students participated in a vigorous conference at Dalhousie University on March 5-6

Media Culpa
The Invaders are haunted by their own pragmatic ethos that "Nothing Succeeds Like Success"
(4/3/03) OTTAWA-HULL --In this war of aggression against Iraq, it has become clear that the invaders are haunted by their own pragmatic ethos that "nothing succeeds like success." SANDRA L. SMITH

The smell of money: British Columbia's gas rush
(1/28/04) Monopoly right and Beautiful BC. SHEFA SIEGEL


All that talk of civil war, and now this carnage. Coincidence?

(3/3/04) There never has been a civil war in Iraq. ROBERT FISK

Iraq Perspectives
(3/21/04) Why Iraq? Oil and U.S. Foreign Policy. ISAAC SANEY

UNESCO urges teaching of indigenous languages from earliest age
(2/20/04) An average of two languages die out every month.

Culture and Life
PEI students visit Gaelic hearth
(4/6/04) First-ever visit to Isle of Skye and Kyle of Lochalsh.

Movie review: "The Passion" -- truth or fiction?

An avoidance of reality. MAZIN QUMSIYEH

Sports and Recreation
Chix with stix
After only about a hundred years, women’s hockey is finally getting some respect. Joe Clark

Hikes, Rambles & Outings online edition:
- Mmmm, it's maple syrup season
- Maple sugar camps in Nova Scotia: where to go

Remembering Ed Miller

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