Mac-talla  3rd  Gaelic Shunpiking Edition  

Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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Seismic Oil & Gas Testing: The People's Opposition to the Plunder of the Gulf Of St. Lawrence

After a four year battle, Cape Breton joined the Deep South of the U.S. and some Third World countries when the government opened the Gulf to become one of the few places on the globe where oil and gas exploration is allowed close to shore ... A very dangerous potential exists to silently annex the entire St. Lawrence Basin to the continental United States, from the open Atlantic through the St. Lawrence Seaway more than 1,000 miles inland to the Great Lakes.

Voices of a nation - occupied & stateless

Shunpiking's intrepid war correspondent, Jon Elmer, and his partner, Valerie Zink, will present residents' stories and share their experiences "from Occupied Palestine" ...

Martin Luther King Day
(19/1/04) What's missing from TV coverage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday? It's the last several years of his life, "as if flushed down a memory hole."

Sustaining a space for alternate radio
(1/21/04) CKDU -- a vibrant alternative to monochromatic media.

Dirt in the fiddle

(12/13/03) Gaelic community explores Féisean potential -- community-based festivals that offer instruction in Gaelic language, song, dance, music, storytelling and drama. By FRANK MACDONALD

Movie review: Hollywood embraces Tolkien's "feudal socialism"

We're dragged back to Middle Earth -- once again. By JOHN NEBAUER

Discovering Winter: Ice Diving
We are snowed in! Working on informative articles, natural history, shunpiking, our winter resource guide, stunning photography and much more. Check in at this space as our special online feature grows over the coming weeks.

John Maclean, January 16, 1848

Gaelic poet born at Caolas, Tiree, Scotland on January 8, 1787; 1819 emigrated to Canada; settled first at Barney's River, Nova Scotia; 1831 moved to Antigonish County; incorporated hardships of pioneer life in such poems as A' Choille Ghruamah (The Gloomy Forest); also known as Am Bard MacGilleathain (The Bard Maclean). Imagine seeing this in Canada's leading mass-circulation daily newspaper! Mhothaich mi na leanas anns an Globe and Mail sa mhadainn:

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Mi'kmaq / First Nations History Supplement Shunpiking

Dossier on Palestine. A special Edition of Shunpiking