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Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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We are concluding the work of publishing shunpiking in 2003. Since August we have published five editions online in this new medium. Shunpiking Online will resume publication on January 15, 2004, and the next print edition of our magazine will feature our annual Black History Supplement. Back issues of the BHS will be available soon online well before Black History Month, as well as several new online features, such as Winter through Shunpiking, with the Winter Outdoor Resources Directory. Please do continue to send your stories, reports, letters and suggestions.

As we enter into our ninth year, we once again sincerely thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who have assisted this endeavour. We profoundly appreciate your support. We wish all our friends and readers our very best wishes for the New Year!


Upfront. 86th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

Time to disturb the sleep of the unjust. Act of God, the harbour pilot, the navy?

That Very Good Place Called School. ARDRA COLE's journey back to the Chebucto School.

The Explosion -- a child's story. By DARREN BRACKLEY

Poverty: Canada's real "brain-drain". (11/4/03) Katherine Reed of Antigonish speaks out

Media Culpa: Hurricane Juan and depleted uranium. (10/24/03) Canadian Forces clean up "other debris". MITZI BOWMAN

Hurricanes: the Nova Scotian and Cuban response. (10/11/03) Of Juan and Irene, politicians and human rights. Interview with MARK RUSHTON

Questionable report lauds private profit from vehicle insurance. Task Force takes the concerns of Maritimers and throws them back into their face

Insurance company profits jump 500 per cent. More than $1.1 billion in profits during the first six months of 2003


An open letter from PEI inshore fishermen. Who incited the riot on the Souris wharf and who acted illegally? By JOHN PETER MACPHEE and MARK EDGAR ROSE

The Grand Pooh-Bah, Lord Everything of New Brunswick and Elsewhere Hath Spoken

On top of the world in Heart's Delight. The pilot who flew to the South Pole in a daring rescue comes home to Newfoundland -- by car


$1 million lawsuit against Canwest Global. (12/6/03) Activist challenges "anti-Semitic" slander. By Scott Stockdale*

Media comes out the loser in political forum. (12/3/03) Canadians could wake up to find their democracy gone. By GREG FELTON

Acadian journalists question feudal empires in Canada. (11/10/03) Symposium of the Acadian Association of Journalists. By DRU OJA JAY

All the planked news that fit to smoke. (11/10/03) Irving Air flies Liberal cabinet ministers to salmon lodge and other fantasies. By Prof. Erin Steuter



Geneva Accords and the right of return. (12/11/03) 55th anniversary of UN Resolution 194. By GARY ZATZMAN

Significance of the Intifada. (9/11/03) TONY SEED on the significance of an epochal struggle

Reporting from Occupied Palestine. (10/12/03) An invaluable human snapshot. By Jon ELMER and VALERIE ZINK

(11/18/03) Testimony: "You tell me why I am face-down on the ground". By GHASSAN ABU IBAID, paramedic with the Palestine Red Crescent Society

(10/17/03) Testimony: Paramedics under siege. By MAHMOUD HUSSIN BAJAWI

(10/12/03) A snapshot of an occupied land. From special correspondent JON ELMER.

Testimony (10/9/03): Life under curfew. "I speak as a mother." By NADYYA AZIZ



Coastlines: Pine Marten and old growth forests. A new natural history column from the Ecology Action Centre.


Steady theft of our time. A national rebellion against corporate time-stealers. By NORMAN SOLOMAN


Fortune and La Tour: The Civil War in Acadia. Reviewed by Janeen Keelan and Gary Zatzman

Beatrice: real people fighting to save the farm
. Paul MacDougall

Viaticum: Poems to take with tea in the morning. Janeen Keelan

Environmental problem or environmental CRIME
? Erin Johnson

The N.S. Dept of the Environment: punishing the environmental criminals. Comment by Erin Johnson

The real crime of the century: the Rosenbergs. Phil Shannon

The media's new darling. The Irshad Manji controversy

Flashback: The Controversy over The Satanic Verses. Christopher Coleman


Halifax to host the 2004 U21 Tournament of the Americas. Canada's basketball capital adds another jewel

In the snow: Grade 5 Kids ski & ride free. Free skiing for Canada’s grade 5 students

In the snow: How to get in shape for winter. Snow sports, an excellent way to maintain a fitness program

The students shunpike. Students from 81 schools shunned vehicles on October 8


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