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Thursday, Jan 01, 2004
Seismic Vibes

Thousands of North Americans express concern about seismic exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

(December 8, 2003) -- Seventeen thousand (and growing!) members of the National Resources Defence Council(NRDC) have written to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, asking him to place a moratorium on oil and gas development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

These members believe that the Gulf is too ecologically sensitive to allow oil and gas to go forward. Their assessment is in accord with DFO scientists and members of the Save Our Seas and Shores (SOSS) Coalition, a group which includes conservationists, community groups, First Nations, and representatives of tourism and fishing industries. The SOSS Coalition has been fighting to stop an application to perform seismic blasting in the Gulf this winter.

"Much of this oil and gas is intended to flow to the US. Now, potential customers are signalling that they don't want to pay the ecological price that blasting in the Gulf would entail," says Gretchen Fitzgerald of the Ecology Action Centre.

"I cannot thank the NRDC members enough for showing their support," said Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club of Canada. "We call on all Canadians to tell Prime Minister Chrétien and the province of Nova Scotia to protect the jewel that is the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I would like to request a formal response from the Prime Minister and NS Minister of Energy, Cecil Clarke, to the concerns of these and other individuals."

"We have not given up hope that we can stop this destruction," said Fred Kennedy, representative of the Area 19 Snow Crab Association, "but the power behind oil and gas can sometimes be overwhelming. It is great to know that we have thousands of people on our side."

For more information: Gretchen Fitzgerald, Ecology Action Centre, (902) 429-2202,;

Elizabeth May, Sierra Club of Canada, (613) 241-4611

Fred Kennedy, Area 19 Snow Crab Association, (506) 387-4972 or (902) 224-7278