October 13, 2003

Special post-Juan edition: Fall colours of Nova Scotia


Leaf Watch ... there's a story
Red is the first colour to show this fall ...by TONY SEED

Autumn is awesome

Fall – Nature’s masterpiece. Despite hurricane and human clear-cutting of its trees, Nova Scotia still hosts an amazing spectacle of autumn leaf colour. From the striking orange-yellow maple hills and the brilliant reds of the blueberry fields to the subtle yellows of the bogs and salt marshes, the seventy four stunning vistas highlighted on our map are easily reached and offer the fall shunpiker a full palette of unforgettable experiences. Our map to 74 vistas. Downloadable PDF file. 1MB.


Some of Nova Scotia's most experienced outdoor leaders and writers share their experiences... The trail to Lowlands Cove
"…with moose, gulls and whale" by DAVID LAWLEY

The Mabou Highlands
"…a kaleidoscope that rivals the foliage carpeting the hills above" by SCOTT CUNNINGHAM

Pipers Glen: a waterfall for fall

"You may not ever want to go home again" by ALAN BILLARD

Down "the shore"
"There will be eiders in the sea, cranberries on the ground, and the magic of autumn all around" by PETER M. OICKLE

Paddling in fall

"…there is quiet even in cottage country " by SHEENA MASSON

Walk in the Woods

Go back in time to abandoned farms and ghost towns "when candles only burned at one end" by DAVE ETTER

Twenty-four ways to be a savy, shunpiking leaf watcher

DO get lost. DO get out of your car, and walk, and smell, and listen. By the travel editors of shunpiking

No fools, no knaves: fall in the game-rich Maritimes

Here is a truth that took me a long time to learn: in the fall, as in middle age, time is too short and ripe to waste ... By CHARLES GAINES

Fall fallacies

The balancing egg. The harvest moon. The full moon effect. Each season has its own myths and misperceptions, and Fall is no exception. By LARRY SESSIONS

Leaf science: adventure and art of the splendour

Turn a leaf-collecting trip into an adventure into biochemistry -- and art. It's an activity that's most dramatic in the fall, but you can do variations throughout the year. By Ann Balough, CRM

Fall through a lens
By STEPHEN PATTERSON. Plus tips on capturing the colour

Photo gallery: Fall colours of Nova Scotia
2.7 MB of pristine autumn tempered only by nature and

Stephen Patterson, one of Canada's pre-eminent photographers, created the shunpiking poster, "The Fall Colours of Nova Scotia". His work has appeared in Photo Life and exhibits of his prints have been held on several occasion in Halifax. Enjoy his magnificent work by visiting his website at http://www.stephenpatterson.com

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