September 22, 2003

MEDIA CULPA : We Dot the i's and Cross the t's
Halifax Herald: Blaming the Victims
Like God the media also works in mysterious ways:. The Halifax Herald abuses the editor's privilege ...

Canwest's Godfather: Mafioso tactics?
Asper fumbles: "I have no idea what he's talking about." ...

Canwest Global's attempts to equate fight for the human rights with "anti-semitism"
"They're essentially calling us anti-Semitic, with the very serious, implicit message that anyone who stands up for human rights, they're going to try to silence" ...

A salute for thee!
Fredericton political prisoner, freed after 30 days in the prison, refused to accept the draconian bail condition ...

An Inadvertent Confession?
"Tearful home coming" of HMCS Fredericton after Canada's obsequious role in the aggression against Iraq ...

MFSO: Military Families Speak Out
A unique US organization campaigns to end the occupation of Iraq and bring American troops home.

Democracy Denied in Ireland:
March marks 35th anniversary of Civil Rights protest

"The issue of people being allowed to exercise their democratic right to vote ...

Powell's battle cry fails test of time
Colin Powell's 'Nerve' to lie
to the world uncovered in the dumps of Baghdad ...

FEATURE FLASHBACK: The Science, Politics and Literature of Hurricanes

In this edition, shunpiking's hurricane alley -- their causes, their effects, their lessons -- throughout Atlantic Canadian history, with a sidetrip to the Caribbean.

Hurricanes Basics
Preparedness is critical. Damaging winds begin well before the hurricane eye makes landfall. "It is wise to err on the onservative side ..." (PDF File 1.22 MB)

Hurricanes: A fortuitous warning
Seven years ago Hurricane Hortense hit Nova Scotia. Alan Ruffman looks the force and direction of the strom and the lack of preparedness by the government for hurricanes

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Hurricane Hortense strikes Atlantic Nova Scotia: An examination of beach response and recovery
An in-depth poster presentation. By D.L. Forbes*, D. Robel*, J. Shaw* and G. Parkes** of the *Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Dartmouth and the **Atmospheric Environment Branch, Bedford. (PDF Document 2.8MB)

Literary Non-Fiction. Flotsam and Jetsam
Writer Gary Knowles takes us up close and personal as the whirling forces of Hortense hit Tancook Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Lack of coastal planning leads to increased risk of flood damage
There is no legislation stipulating guidelines for coastal development or the protection of natural coastal buffer zones. Natural floodplains are covered with houses and parking lots, and roads and causeways bisect wetlands. By Tony Bowron.

1998. The Politics of Hurricane Mitch
There's nothing "natural" about the awful disaster of Hurricane Mitch. Over 12,000 lives were lost to mud, water, hunger, and disease though human agency. By Alexander Cockburn

1998. The Politics of Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua
A hurricane or natural disaster hits two equally populated territories with the same force. Why is it that the human damage can be so much higher in one settlement than in another? And why does it take more time to recover in one than in the other? By Alejandro Bendaña

The 1929 Tsunami in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland
A tsunami struck the Burin Peninsula in the early evening of November 18, 1929 after a 7.2 earthquake occurred in the Laurentian Slope Seismic Zone - Canada's most tragic earthquake with 28 lives lost ...By Alan Ruffman (PDF File 3.63MB)

1926 and 1927. The August Gale exhibit
138 fishermen from seven schooners were lost in two great storms as they felt the full force of this "dark isle of mourning" (Sable Island).

- 1896. The Perfect Storm, Georges Bank
Book excerpt.

- 1869. The Saxby Gale of October 4-5
A hybrid tropical cyclone and record storm surge. By Alan Ruffman

CFRO Co-op Radio / Shunpiking Nova Scotia
Eleven days before Hurricane Juan hit the Maritimes, Alan Ruffman, an oceanographer in the geological and geophysical fields, spoke with broadcaster Charles Boylan on hurricanes and the lack of preparedness by politicians in Atlantic Canada.


Cooking with wild edibles: Blanch the milkweed buds ... add some hoisin sauce ...
By Cynthia Martin

Hockey equipment homework
What to look for when buying kids new hockey equipment

IAAF Congress finishes with plan to boost athletics' popularity

Palestine: A Land, A People
Athetes: Fighting, but not for war

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