August 18, 2003

Enthusiastic Response
The launching of our magazine's regular publishing on the Internet has met an enthusiastic response. "I was delighted by the content and by the look, the uncluttered white space," said one visitor.

Chicken Little on Electrical Grid Down
August 15-Stuck on the runway of the Halifax International Airport, the author of this article takes off on the systemic reasons for this massive grid down we have known since the electrification of this county - profiteering, blind integration, and conspicuous consumption by multinationals… By Tony Seed

Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in White House
The tale of the Brits who swiped 800 jobs from New York, carted off $90 million, then tonight, turned off our lights. By Greg Palast

The Nova Scotia Elections: A Media Above Society

The monopoly media in Nova Scotia played a leading role in trivializing the recent provincial election and marginalizing the real concerns and problems of the people, says Bruce Wark, media critic and professor of journalism at King's College School of Journalism in Halifax.

Fisheries: Clearing the Waters
We learn about the general from the particular. Within a documentary film format, Clearing the Waters, a 48-minute video from Envision Productions of Halifax, which premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival last September and was aired nationally on VISION TV this past January 27th, applies a story-telling technique based on intimately acquainting the viewer with the most essential and meaningful interactions among a small number of individuals at the centre of a much larger canvas. Reviewed by Gary Zatzman

Fisheries: Ecology Group Petitions against Draggers
The Halifax-based Ecology Action Centre, an environmental group, is petitioning the federal Fisheries Department to question whether it is violating the Fisheries Act by issuing licences to draggers.

On Recent Events in Cuba
The Nova Scotia Cuba Association (NSCUBA) expresses its resolute solidarity with the Cuban people, the Cuban government and the Cuban Revolution as they defend themselves against the unrelenting and all-sided aggression from the United States.

Irish News Feature: March for the Right to Vote
I was only eleven in 1968, living across the Irish Sea in Britain, but I still remember the television images of the Civil Rights marches in the North of Ireland. Here was a place, I was told at the time, that was a part of Britain where ordinary people, who incidentally looked just like the people of my own neighbourhood, were marching on the streets for the right to vote. By Laura Friel

Middle East: The Roadmap to Nowhere
Being a Palestinian, one is born in this struggle and you can't get out of it, whatever you do. It's a birth mark that I've experienced since I was at least three years old and we don't have the time to tell you the details. Our discussion this evening is about the so-called roadmap; the "roadmap to nowhere" is an accurate description of it. By Dr. Ismail Zayid.

New Brunswick Activist Remains Wrongly Imprisoned in Montreal
A Fredericton para-legal persists in his protest against wrongful arrest and imprisonment from actions against the World Trade Organization

When Ottawa Dictates to the Weather Gods
How about that weather? Or, more to the point, how about that weather office? The government of Canada, in all its infinite and wonderful wisdom, has decided that Newfoundland no longer needs a full weather centre, that its peculiar and specialized weather can be forecast by remote control from Halifax. From The Telegram, St. John's

Featured Book: So Much Weather by Gary Saunders
To me the sky is our crystal ball and nature's grandest spectacle. If we're in for worse weather, let's enjoy, not endure - Gary L. Saunders. Reviewed by Janeen Keelan.

Visual Arts Series reunites Gaelic arts and craftsmanship with music and language
The Celtic Colours International Festival is adding a new element to the festival this year. The Cape Breton Artists' Association and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design to present seven exhibits and six workshops in communities throughout Cape Breton Island.

Who Scores the Goals in Soccer?
What makes playing on a soccer team so much fun is not just running on the field and scoring goals, but it is the camaraderie and friendships that develop between players. Having respect for both teammates and opponents enhances that feeling of camaraderie on and off the field. By Charmaine Hooper, Captain of Canada's Woman's Soccer Team.

Money Point: Lands End
People are drawn, like lemmings, to Lands Ends. These furthest points of land are etched into the oceans and bays of every country. Like small fingers, they beckon us to their remote mysteries. One Land's End I visited in Sri Lanka promised a view of three oceans and (on a clear day) the Kingdom of Heaven. The eastern tip of Cape Breton Island is like that. By
Janice Acton

Outdoors / Hikes, Rambles & Outings
Please note: We will begin posting the full "Hikes, Rambles & Outings" listings in September

Shunpiking on the Air: Twenty Nine Times
Tony Seed reports on heavyweight boxing contender Kirk Johnson's stand of conscience against racial profiling and explains how the arresting constable convicted himself with his own testimony at the recent human rights hearings in Halifax. Mr. Johnson was stopped by the police in and around his North Preston hometown twenty nine times in a six week period in April, 1998. We advance a solution to the impunity of the police.

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Every week now since October, 2002 we've been doing a Wednesday morning program entitled "shunpiking Nova Scotia" with "Wake Up with Co-op" on CFRO Radio, Vancouver, North America's largest co-op radio station.

Through these reports, we've tried to acquaint British Columbians, and thousands of expats, on such topics as the crisis in the Atlantic fishery, the Newfoundland diaspora, the devastation of Cape Breton, the anti war movement, the Halifax Explosion, Black History Month, the Justin Coward Memorial Basketball Tournament, Gaelic Awareness Month, the recent World Theatre Festival, the elections and other topics.

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