shunpiking online. no.1

August 7, 2003


Introducing shunpiking online

We are beginning with as much fanfare as our first number in 1995: none. We will rely on hard work, clear writing, honest reporting and you the reader to become known. You, the reader, will be the judge.

Public Affairs

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Elections by Tony Seed

The provincial elections have once more concluded without a solution. We look for the human factor.

Hiroshima and Halifax by Charles Spurr

As different as the explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki may be from the earlier Halifax explosion, they share some things in common.


Atlantic Canada

" Family Entertainment"?

Fredericton Residents ‘Shocked and Awed’ by Armed Forces Day. What’s behind a sunny day on the Green – the city’s new theme park. Plus a letter to the Daily Gleaner about unjustifiable propaganda.

Canjet Adds Flights


The World Trade Organization’s secret agenda: on the streets, in the backroom

25 Maritimers go down the road and get busted at protests in Montreal against the WTO, as the media cheers

Desecration of Democracy

Ottawa in summer is a bustling, energetic tourist town, a political Disneyland, a massive set piece for a potboiler called "Canadian Democracy, Love It or Leave It." But as with any Hollywood North epic, a visit to the set reveals that much is faade, much is myth and make-believe.

Matthew Behrens special report on threats to prosecute witness and defence attorneys at public portion of secret trial dominate Court Hearing for security certificate target Mohamed Harkat.

Culture & Life

Featured Book: Take a Walk on the Natural Side with Clarence Barrett

Aptly sub-titled A Park Lover’s Companion Barrett’s work ranks with the best nature writing written in Canada today. Far from the typical yet useful and informative guidebooks that are common in the Maritimes, Barrett has written an elegy to the wonders of mother earth and all that she gives us ... Paul MacDougall reviews the recent release from Breton Books

Our Slide Show

Soon: A selection of stunning photography of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park by Clarence Barrett, choreographed by our webmaster


The Medals That Endure: National Youth Basketball Championships

Nevertheless the smaller Nova Scotia midget team finally got over their anxiety and nervousness and set out in the second half toslay David; they played a smarter and heartfelt basketball but were unable to close the gap on the smooth squad from Upper Canada.

Outdoors / Hikes, Rambles & Outings

Cow Bay Beach Sweep – Sunday, August 10

Please note: Our full "Hikes, Rambles & Outings" listings for the month of August will be posted next week.

Shunpiking on the Air

• Prof. Paul Schrieman, St. Mary’s University, reports on some unsustainable development in the form of environmentally damaging mega-projects being foisted onto the province– against the will of the people – by government to benefit a few giant American corporations, and the media silence surrounding it.

Click to listen. NS.03-07-30-pt2.mp3

Every week now since October, 2002 we’ve been doing a Wednesday morning program entitled "shunpiking Nova Scotia" with "Wake Up with Co-op" on CFRO Radio, Vancouver, North America’s largest co-op radio station.

Through these reports, we’ve tried to acquaint British Columbians, and thousands of expats, on such topics as the crisis in the Atlantic fishery, the Newfoundland diaspora, the devastation of Cape Breton, the anti war movement, the Halifax Explosion, Black History Month, the Justin Coward Memorial Basketball Tournament, Gaelic Awareness Month, the recent World Theatre Festival and the elections.

It’s at 7:45 am BC time. Visit soon


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