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Last updated December 1, 2006
(12 Oct 06) Military and civilian officials responded to a mock disaster aboard a visiting nuclear submarine in Halifax. CHRIS LAMBIE

(13 Jan 2006) The harbour of Halifax should only be used for peaceful purposes - economic trade, shipbuilding and tourism - not war. TONY SEED & CHARLES SPURR
Bush is Not Welcome in Halifax! Statement of the People's Front (Halifax) "calls on Nova Scotians to take responsibility for what is at stake for the harbour of Halifax, the country and all of humanity as a result of the darkest reaction which George W Bush represents."

Looking into the matter more deeply it became clear there are many more possible, plausible and important reasons why a warmonger would visit Halifax. By KEVIN CORKIL

(3 Nov 2004) Banners read "No Harbour for War!" and "One Humanity, One Struggle!" at a picket at the Port of Montreal. Why did the NATO fleet show up in Montreal in the first place?

(9 Apr 2004) A number of prominent anti-war activists ihave denounced the barbarous US slaughter of Iraqis, defended the right of the people of Iraq for self-determination and called for an emergency rally to end the brutal occupation of Iraq.

(15 Jan 2004) Navy is eyeing technology that could put Americans in control of Canadian missiles.

(10 Jan 2004) An extraordinary arrangement that regularly has Canadian ships sailing under US command.

(24 Oct 2003) -- The Halifax Herald reproduced on 4 October 2003 a capsule commentary from the Canadian Press that the Canadian Forces were cleaningup unexploded shells from the 1940s (WW2) "and other debris". Why isn't the Herald telling us what this "other debris" is or could be? MITZI BOWMAN with TONY SEED

"Tearful home coming" of HMCS Fredericton after Canada's obsequious role in the aggression against Iraq.

(May 2003) Some dockworkers on both coasts have been working double shifts, often in back-breaking jobs, due to the war in Iraq. FREDA COODIN

(Apr 2003) Longshoremen shot in the back ... "If ever there was a time to implement the ILWU slogan 'An injury to one is an injury to all' it is now". Newsletter of ILA Local 273, Saint John, NB

(10 Apr 2003) Informative interview with Dr. Doug Rokke, former US Major and expert on depleted uranium, on its use in US weaponry in Iraq in 1991 and now, and its effect on people, the environment and the seabed. CHARLES BOYLAN, Shunpiking

(17 Mar 2003) -- Saint John Longshoremen: "We hope and pray that the American conscience will prevail before a full-scale attack occurs and more innocent lives are lost."


The duplicity of the Chrétien Liberals (Forthcoming)
(22 Mar 2003) Dozens of US military flights as well as military cargo and charter passenger jets carrying thousands of US troops have stopped at two isolated airports in Newfoundland for refuelling. Article also includes:
o Weapons of mass destruction in Newfoundland and the US geopolitical strategy
o "Unified Spirit" -- Dress Rehearsal for US Invasion of Iraq staged on Canada's east coast
o "Urban warriors": US Marines train Canadian troops on "the proper procedure for subduing and handling rioters"
o "Future forward-deployed operations": a "level of interoperability" with the US Navy that "is second to none"
o Deception conceals military integration
as well as extensive endnotes add for this edition. TONY SEED

(20 Mar 2003) "Liberation" as defined by the American Empire. JON ELMER

(24 Feb 2003) Canada long ago joined this war on Iraq: for the past 12 years the Canadian Navy has been enforcing a senseless and cruel economic war on the civilians of Iraq which has cost more than one million lives. JON ELMER and VALERIE ZINK

Canada prepares for war: Halifax (Forthcoming)
(15 Feb 2003) It is preparing for war by preparing military legislation, by signing annexationist military treaties with the United States, by staging provocative exercises, by misleading the public, by promoting seemingly contradictory positions by the cabinet and the parliament, and by deploying Canadian troops abroad. This includes the militarization of economic life and criminalization of port workers in this strategic harbour. TONY SEED

(17 Jan 2003) It is a dangerous situation indeed when the Canadian government and major media make themselves instruments of war preparations, repeating outright lies as if they were facts. TONY SEED

(10 Jan 2003) The navy, air force and army are pushing to make the maximum effort possible despite well-publicized shortages of equipment, funding and personnel. CHRIS WATTIE, National Post

(Jan 2003) A very serious problem faces the personnel of the Canadian Forces as with all Canadians: the new agreement of the government to allow US troops to enter Canada and Canadian troops to enter the United States.

(4 Nov 2002) 15,000 troops from the United States, Canada, Britain and Peru are participating in a Joint Task Force exercise called JTFEX 03-1 along the Atlantic Seaboard of the United States.

(4 Nov 2002) Cellucci sees Canadian Armed Forces "defending North America", not defending Canada.

(1 Oct 2002) "Joint Defence" planning established

(10 May 2002) Canada, Mexico and Cuba brought under US Northern Command Military Zone. Plus: - Canadian Army to Undergo Basic Reorganization - US Military Restructuring - Bush Military Appointments

(Mar 2002) On January 14, under the cloak of media silence, Canada was again drawn into a conflict beyond its jurisdiction: the conflict in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Again, our government's official policy is on the wrong side. Why a 33,000-acre island should be preserved. JONATHAN SUROVELL

(19 Mar 2002) This "mock invasion" of Halifax started with the taking of a beachhead on the south side of Halifax Harbour. CBC TV gave over its supper-time news program to glorify "The War Games," taking out advertising in province-wide print media to promote the spectacle. GARY ZATZMAN

(19 Mar 2002) The ports of Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver play a crucial role in providing essential transportation infrastructure. As of March 25, the US Customs Service is sending "special agents" to each location to monitor cargo handling in the name of stepping up the so-called war against terrorism of the Bush administration. GARY ZATZMAN

(Dec 2001) Much hysteria has been circulating in North America since September 11. Much of it has had little basis in fact, but one threat that has made postal workers justifiably wary is the anthrax scare. At least five people have died in the US from exposure to anthrax delivered through the mail. CHARLES SPURR writes that it is entirely reasonable that Canadian postal workers should be concerned about handling mail in suspicious packages from the US. Shunpiking Magazine

(19 Dec 2001) Canada is the third largest contributor to the "war on terrorism" after the US and Britain. As part of the US-led "Operation Enduring Freedom," it already has five warships in the Arabian Sea with 1,100 troops on board and another 400 in the vicinity. TONY SEED

(19 Dec 2001) The Department of National Defence is considering expanding an aerial bombing range in Labrador to allow pilots from NATO nations to train with so-called smart bombs. TONY SEED

(19 Nov 2001) According to retired Canadian Forces Col. Michel Drapeau, a large number of "Anglo-Saxon troops wouldn't be acceptable in Afghanistan."

(20 Oct 2001) The violation of international law and geopolitics of the Anglo-American war against Afghanistan. ISAAC SANEY, Shunpiking Magazine

(17 Oct 2001) Behind the evacuation of Purdy's Wharf, home of the US Consulate. "Since the September 11 hijackings in the US, the rich have been unfolding a poisonous political struggle against the anti-war forces in Halifax, Canada's premier NATO port." GARY ZATZMAN

(22 Sep 1999) Tons of potentially toxic radioactive material is sitting just off the coast of Nova Scotia. CBC News

(25 Sep 99) The Navy met with fishermen for an hour this week "to clear up the situation". CBC News

Act of God, the harbour pilot, the navy?

ARDRA COLE's Journey back to the Chebucto School.


As different as the explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki may be from the earlier Halifax explosion, they share some things in common. CHARLES SPURR

(18 Mar 2002) On March 6, Federal Court Justice Campbell granted the application of anti-nuclear and environmental groups to strike down the expropriation of the Nanoose Bay testing range by the federal government.

(6 Aug 1999) Over 2600 Canadians registered objections opposing the federal expropriation of Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island for US weapons testing. Brief of the People's Front.

Background and timeline


(12 Jan 1991) For readers interested in Canada's participation in the Persian Gulf War of 1991 and the response of Canadians we are reproducing the speech given by Tony Seed to the mass rally against the Gulf War of some 800 people held at the Casino Theatre, Halifax. The country's first offensive military action since the Korean War was met with large-scale protests from coast to coast by Canadians, but all "major" political parties (Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Reform) endorsed the war.

Passed unanimously by approximately 35 students, artists, cultural workers and members of the community at a meeting held at the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, 4 November 1982.

Passed unanimously by approximately 35 students, artists, cultural workers and members of the community at a meeting held at the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, 4 November 1982.

(10 Oct 2000) Read-Admm Dyer deployed 22 destroyers and aircraft carriers with 28 planes, two subs, 12 shore-based anti-submarine planes and 22 patrol planes in support of the Americans. Politicians and the military decided to agree that nothing much had happened. JOHN WARD, CP

(3 Jun 1998). Text of resolution Exercise Marcott/Unified Spirit '98

(Dec 2002) "The inescapable history of public art -- of the monument -- in Halifax involves commemoration, public engagement with the history of Halifax as Ground Zero: a community secondarily founded upon a primary military importance, a geographical point (one among many) at which certain colonial military interests historically coalesced." GIL MCELROY, Shunpiking Magazine

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