Hot cargo edict for Iraqi war cargo

International Longshoremen's Association
ILA Local 273
20 Church Ave.
Saint John N.B., Canada
E2M 4P4
Office: 506-635-8610

For Immediate Release
March 17, 2003 11 a.m.

(17 March 2003) -- Saint John Longshoremen have declared a "hot cargo" edict for military cargo destined for the Iraqi war. Unless the United Nations gives its approval, the port workers have voted to support that position and intend to request other Saint John workers and citizens to adopt the same stance.

The Iraqi war will be an immoral war. Religious leaders of all denominations and millions of people throughout the world have spoken out against an attack on the Iraqi people...

Only in the United States of America, does there appear to be a majority of people in favour of this war. A steady diet of pro-war propaganda from the US administration and a compliant American media have done its job.

We urge our American friends to seek out the truth about this war. We urge them to listen to the religious leaders and the peoples around our globe who are stating clearly and unequivocally that this war is wrong. We urge our American friends to imagine themselves in the place of the innocent Iraqi men, women and children who will be the victims of a bombing attack.

I.L.A. Local 273 spokesperson Patrick Riley has commented that, "While church and state may be separated, you cannot separate a people from its conscience. We hope and pray that the American conscience will prevail before a full-scale attack occurs and more innocent lives are lost."

He added that, "The U.N. inspectors have been making progress. We can unfortunately only speculate about how much more successful they would be, if they were working in tandem with other U.N. agencies for the purposes of providing assistance to the Iraqi people."

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