Resolution against the militarization of culture

Passed unanimously by approximately 35 students, artists, cultural workers and members of the community at a meeting held at the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, 4 November 1982, with four abstentions.

WHEREAS, the Visual Arts Nova Scotia is holding an auction at the Lord Nelson Hotel of works of art from 80 artists in aid of the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation headed by William Sobey et al on November 4, 1982;

WHEREAS, in the same vein a Cape Breton Fiddlers Concert was also held at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in April in Halifax in aid of this same Foundation;

so-called "cultural events" such as the concert of the Quantico Marine Corps Band in June and a record of the "Nova Scotia Tattoo" have also been organized in aid of "medical research";

WHEREAS, one of the main thrusts of "medical research" at Dalhousie University is military-related research, as shown by a $605,000 project for the U.S. Air Force and a $200,000 project for the Canadian Armed Forces;

WHEREAS, in the name of "charity" and humanitarian reasons, artists, cultural workers and the people of Nova Scotia are being enticed and organized to shoulder the burden of cutbacks in medical services, and the financing of military-related research;

WHEREAS, this is a constituent part of the militarization of the culture, educational institutions and economy of Halifax;


1 This meeting of art students and cultural workers oppose and condemn this appropriation of art and culture for military-related research in the interests of the U.S. war machine; and

2 This statement be sent to the participating artists and other concerned parties.

Reprinted from Halifax People's Voice

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