US Ambassador behaving like Colonial Consul

Cellucci sees Canadian armed forces "defending North America", not defending Canada

(4 November 2002) -- As the sole superpower, the ambassadors of the US behave like colonial consuls and do everything to augment the power of the US Empire. US ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci has been busy lecturing Canada's political elite that it must integrate Canada's armed forces into those of the United States and in doing so allocate vastly greater sums of public money to the military.

"We will continue to make our case that the Canadian military is very valuable. It plays an important role in defending North America as well as helping maintain freedom around the world -- the peacekeeping missions, the combat support we saw in the war in Afghanistan. We want the Canadian military to be able to continue to do what it does very well," Cellucci told reporters while recently visiting Ontario Premier Ernie Eves. "And we think that more resources need to be allocated so that the Canadian military has the troop strength it needs, it has the interoperability capability with US forces and it has a lift capability that we think the modern military should have," he added.

Cellucci sees Canadian armed forces "defending North America", not defending Canada. He praises Canadian armed forces operating in far-flung countries supporting US adventures. He demands more military spending to increase "troop strength" and its "interoperability" with US forces. He also wants spending to achieve "lift capability," which is military language for sending troops overseas to attack others.

Cellucci says that when he was appointed ambassador in the spring of 2001, his only marching orders from Secretary of State Colin Powell were to work on increasing Canada's defence budget. The prescription he outlines is for a Canadian armed forces integrated into a US imperialist military machine capable of suppressing the people of North America, especially Canadians and Mexicans who may want to build their nations independently of the US Empire.

An integrated military would be ready to go anywhere in the world to protect and expand the political and economic interests of the US Empire. Those monopolies in Canada that are already fully integrated with the US are particularly enthusiastic about this proposal. Other Canadian monopolies exploiting the people and resources of Latin America, Asia and Africa view an integrated imperialist military as a means to safeguard that exploitation.

A certain section of the mass media and some academic circles have used Cellucci's remarks as a launching pad to promote increased military spending, greater integration with the US military and stronger preparations to wage war abroad. Military and political annexation of Canada by the United States is being promoted as inevitable consequences of economic integration following the example of NAFTA. The refusal of Canada's political elite to disengage Canada from NATO and NORAD reveals their negation of Canada as an independent nation. The working class must strongly rebuke the political elite and step forward to stop this dangerous descent into total integration with US imperialism. It must denounce the US ambassador's colonial behaviour and tell him to stop interfering in Canada's affairs or leave the country. The working class must take up the banner of Canadian nation building.

TML Daily, November 4, 2002 - No. 172

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