on the National Film Board of Canada

WHEREAS the increasing war preparations which are being carried out by the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, and their military alliances of NATO and the Warsaw Pact pose a grave danger to the lives and liberties of the people of the world; and

WHEREAS the Canadian government is taking part in these war preparations on the side of the U.S.-dominated NATO bloc; and

WHEREAS the increased propaganda for recruitment of the Canadian youth into the armed forces and other branches of the military apparatus is one of the features of the preparations for war; and

WHEREAS the "National Film Board" is directly contributing to the war preparations by:

(1) sponsoring the recruiting film "A Young Man's Challenge" for showing to high school seniors and armed forces audiences and which is entered in the "educational" category of the 1982 Atlantic Film and Video Festival; and

(2) spending over $350,000 from 1979-81, amounting to over one-third the Atlantic regional budget, for other internal military training and propaganda films, such as "Nuclear Chemical Warfare;" and

(3) establishing a national propaganda outlet in scores of communities across Canada for free NATO films; and

(4) spending over $350,00 glorifying the New Brunswick magnate, K.C. Irving , who among other things is part of a multinational consortia bidding for the $2.6 billion contract for six new naval destroyers; and

(5) suppressing and blacklisting film, video and other cultural workers opposed to the militarization of culture; and

WHEREAS these heavy expenditures for military purposes necessarily entails a reduction in cultural services and productions of authentic cultural concern;

THEREFORE be it resolved that this meeting of art students and cultural workers demand:

(1) an immediate halt to all military-corporate films;

(2) not a single penny for military propaganda and an end to social and cultural cutbacks; and

(3) the development of a people's culture on the basis of our own forces.

A facsimile of the resolution condemning the promotion of the war preparations by the NFB and the militarization of culture in Halifax, passed unanimously at a meeting of 45 cultural workers, artists and students on Nov. 4, 1982.

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