Letter to the editor

"You cause us to walk taller and prouder"

I CONTINUE to be deeply impressed with shunpiking as I peruse the contents of the latest copy of your magazine and the supplement and articles relating to the Mi'kmaq people. As an educator, there is no doubt in my mind that this issue should be regarded as an important and necessary tool for all educational institutions in the province of Nova Scotia. The articles provide for the reader not only positive knowledge but more importantly, the reader is moved to a deeper appreciation and respect for the first people of Atlantic Canada.

Once again, may I extend congratulations all the staff at shunpiking for this edition. Thank you as well, for your ongoing interest in the promotion of the Mi'kmaq peoples' history and their present initiatives. You cause us to walk taller and prouder.

May the year 2001 continue to be a time of enlightenment, prosperity and wonderful opportunities for you.

Sister Dorothy Moore

Mi'kmaq Services Division,
Nova Scotia Dept. of Education

Editor's note:
Bulk copies of the Mi'kmaq/First Nations edition can be received free of charge by organizing to pay shunpiking magazine the cost of shipment in exchange.

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