Executioner 'reviews' itself

Shunpiking Magazine, Upfront
February-March, 2001, Volume 6, Number 38

THE FEDERAL Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has released an Atlantic Fisheries Policy Review that puts forward proposals to address widespread concerns over issues ranging from the access and allocation of fish stocks to defining conservation and balancing it with economic and social objectives. Public consultation meetings are now being held throughout Atlantic Canada.

In the document, the federal government admits its management of the Atlantic fishery is "too paternalistic." Those who exploit and benefit from the resource have no say in its management. This is why fishermen, Natives and environmentalists are speaking out against it.

DFO openly admits it has been using the term "conservation" without any adequate definition. This reveals that "conservation" was a propaganda facade to justify sending the armed officers, RCMP and regulators against inshore fishermen and First Nations.

DFO also defended destruction of the fisheries and the seabed by gear types such as bottom dragging. The Review is silent on DFO's actual practice. It is completely silent on its fundamental policy -- privatization and corporatization of the fisheries through which it has pushed the agenda of the fisheries cartel -- Clearwater, Fisheries Products, National Sea Products and the Jim Pattison interests in British Columbia.

Who will take responsibility for the devastation of Atlantic Canada? This magazine renews its demand for an independent investigation into DFO, the demand issued by Burnt Church and South West Fishermens Rights Association. DFO has no solutions to the fisheries crisis because DFO itself has emerged as one of its major causes.

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