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Editorial: Standing for Justice (SEE BELOW)
Introduction to the conflict Palestine: Fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession (4) Dr. Ismail Zayid


* Operation Defensive Shield
* Palestine from near and far. (8) Amnon Kapeliouk
* A crime against humanity?: UN Report on Jenin (10) Editorial team
* "If I have any regret, it is because we didn't destroy the camp": confession of an award-winning zionist soldier (12) Independent Media Centre, Israel
* UN report denounced (13)
* 'My team should have investigated Jenin' (13) Maj-Gen William Nash
* Letter from a Gaza Hospital (14) Ghassan Abu Sitta* Sabra and Shatila - never again. (24) Pierre Pean
* Humanitarian crisis in the West Bank, Gaza Strip. (32) The Palestine Monitor
* Water: another weapon. Editorial team
* Weapons that scare the Israeli army. Electronic Intifada



* Destruction & deepening crisis (14)
* Expulsion or transfer: Israel's plan (17) Jeff Halper
* Tutu condemns Israeli apartheid (28) BBC
* Israeli soldiers who say 'No!' (29)
* The solution (30) Imad Jadaa, Marelys Valencia
* When Ramallah dreamed about the United States (33) Raja Shehadeh
* Children under fire (34) Eyad Serra
* Reclaiming history (37) Andrew Killgore
* Academia: history uncovered, silenced (38) Editorial team
* Israeli academics protest ethnic cleansing (38) Palestine Media Center



* Israeli terrorism (18) Dr. Ismail Zayid
* Martyrs & heroes?: Some reflections on suicide bombing (20) Dr. Mohamed Elmasry
* Cowards and heroes face to face (21) Sandra Smith
* Canada Park: Canadian complicity in a war crime (22) Dr. Ismail Zayid
* Profits from the Promised Land (23) Tony Seed
* Canada and Palestine: Double standards (35) Gary Zatzman



* Telling the truth about Israel: When journalists knowingly shade the facts (15) Robert Fisk
* 'Israel can do no wrong': Disinformation and ignorance (35) Editorial team



* 2nd International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (28)
* The Palestinian people will not surrender (29) Badil Resource Center



* History / Here to Stay: A Timeline (42-61) Editorial team Includes numerous sidebars, brief commentaries and vignettes:
- The birth of the Palestine National Movement
- Political anti-semitism
- 1954: "Diabolic plans ... to Christianize"
- Provocations as 'modus operandi'
- Predatory economics of the 1967 war
- The Iranian revolution shook the superpowers
- During the Iran/Iraq War both the US and the USSR backed Iraq
- The Gulf War
- The invincibles run (South Lebanon)
- Hunting "terrorists" in Israel
- Why are charities targeted
- Who sets the agenda?
- No to War on Iraq
- Arms and the Israelis
* Photo essay / Spirit of Palestine: a land, a people (48) Editorial team
* Document / Origins of the Palestine-Israel conflict (62) Jews for Justice in the Middle East
* Photo journal / A day in the life of a checkpoint (73) The Palestine Chronicle
* Essay / Zionism, racism and the Palestinian people: Fifty years of human rights violations in Israel and the Occupied Territories (80) Ardi Imseis


8 * Destruction of the Jenin refugee camp, 2002
16 * Israeli blitzkrieg, 2002
16 * Zionist colonies in the West Bank, 2000
17 * The system of Israeli checkpoints
23 * The Cross-Israel highway
32 * Water: another weapon
36 * Palestine 1945: Land ownership by district
38 * Greater Jerusalem Area
40 * The conflict - in maps / The Arab world (1914); the Middle East (1914 to 1947); the Arab world (1939); the partition of Palestine (1947-49); the Arab-Israeli war (1948-49); Occupation of Sinai (1956); Six Day War (1967); October War (1973); Three concepts of Greater Israel
45 * The Sykes-Picot Treaty, 1916
57 * The Gulf War, 1990
58 * Israeli occupation of south Lebanon, 2000
75 * Barak's 'generous offer' (Oslo II, Camp David, 1995)
88 * The Palestinian diaspora
89 * Palestinian refugees in the Middle East
78-79 * Resources -- in Print & Online
95 * about shunpiking magazine



Standing for JusticeThe struggle of the world's peoples for self-determination has assumed greater dimensions and intensity. Standing in the forefront are the valiant Palestinians. For decades, in extremely difficult conditions, they have been waging a titanic battle to return to their homeland and realize their inalienable rights to freedom and independence. Some five million refugees have been waiting for more than fifty years to return to Palestine.Moreover, the Middle East continues to be an arena of repeated acts of intervention and war. From 1947 to date, a number of wars, each bloodier than the former, have been waged there with, for example, more than one million people slaughtered in the Iran-Iraq war. The Middle East is a region where local and world events have reached a major turning point. Indeed, as we go to press, the Bush administration is preparing a new war against Iraq. A new generation among the various peoples of the Middle East is also about to take power and launch another chapter amid the developing, shifting and new strategic alliances. But nothing will progress without a lasting peace. A just settlement of the Palestinian question is vital. The politics of assassination, provocation, terror and destruction, and unjust war have gone on far too long.This Dossier on Palestine strives to clarify:* why and how the Palestinians have been dispossessed as a people from their mother soil, and why Israel continues to occupy their land and attack their sovereign government in explicit opposition to every norm of morality, justice and law;* why Israel lives outside of and places itself above the rule of law, and the principles on which it is based, including opposition to the use of force to settle conflicts within nations and between nations;* why the United States has proclaimed the Middle East a sphere for its own national interest and an extension of its own territory; and* why so many conflicts have taken place in this oil-rich region in such a relatively short period.To facilitate the process of understanding and tackle the disinformation and ignorance of the mass media, this Dossier provides authoritative articles, in-depth timeline, press reports, analyses of key issues, compelling photojournalism from Palestine, and 23 detailed maps. (Keep in mind that Israel is one third the size of Nova Scotia, Canada's smallest mainland province.) A comprehensive resource list should guide readers interested in further research.As an independent publication, we have always adopted a broad interpretation of the shunpiking metaphor: encompassing not only the exploration of the natural environment but also the investigation of culture, history, politics and economics in the provincial, national and international spheres.Our perspective is neither Palestinian nor Israeli, Arab nor Jew but a modern Canadian perspective. In a Canada that is multi-national, a Canada whose government and media continually extol its international role and its participation in 19th century empire-building, it behooves us to seek to comprehend what is unfolding on the world scale.Our conclusion: this illegal occupation must be ended. Zionist Israel has gone beyond South African apartheid. We are witnessing genocide - the attempted destruction of a people. The central issue is: who will hold Israel to account?It is our duty to make a stand for conscience and principle, human dignity and justice. At the Halifax Land Day demonstration on March 30, 2002 we promised: "Our magazine, shunpiking, which is independent of any vested interest, which speaks the truth, will act. We will make every effort to frustrate the shameless attempts of these forces to blame and malign the victims for their condition."It is with this spirit that, seven months later, we present this Dossier on Palestine. - The Editors
(October 28, 2002)



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