Vigil in commemoration of President Yasser Arafat

Thursday, November 11, 5:30 pm
Trinity Square (Bay and Dundas beside the Eaton Centre)

Today, Thursday November 11, Palestinians, Arabs, and freedom-loving Canadians mourn the loss of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. On this solemn occasion, Arab and Palestinian community members are holding a vigil, commemorating the President's rich life of struggle and resistance in the name of Palestine and all other colonised lands.

Mostafa Henaway from Sumoud: Political Prisoners Working Group explains that "in spite of enormous pressure Yasser Arafat never waived the Palestinian refugees' right of return, he died committed to this essential axiom of the Palestinian liberation struggle."

Hazem Jamjoum from the Arab Students' Collective remarks "Arafat's historic legacy as a student activist championing the rights of Palestinian people has been a guiding light for Arab students across the world, his passing marks the ending of a chapter in the Palestinian struggle against occupation and Apartheid."

Abdel Takriti from the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees recalls Arafat's commitment to Palestinian refugees. "Palestinian refugees, the largest refugee population in the world, have lost a leader and a symbol of their aspirations for a better life in the Diaspora and for eventual return to their homes and lands in their native land of Palestine."

This vigil marks the beginning of a week of commemoration for the deceased President. A memorial will be held for him on Wednesday, November 17 at the University of Toronto.

For more information please contact: Mostafa Hennaway, Sumoud: A Political Prisoners Working Group, 647-219-9187

Hazem Jamjoum, Arab Students' Collective, 416-858-8004

Abdel Takriti, Campaign Corrdinator, Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees, 416-858-9314

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