A turning point in the Palestinian struggle for freedom and Justice

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights

For Immediate Release:

HAMILTON (11 November 2004) -- Chairman Yasser Arafat's death marks a turning point in the Palestinian struggle for freedom and Justice. It is unfortunate that Arafat was not able to see the dreams of his people come true. However, Arafat was not the embodiment of that struggle. Regardless of who is going to replace him, their struggle against the longest military occupation in the world will continue until they see an end to that occupation.

The death of Arafat changes absolutely none of the conditions that make conflict between Israelis and Palestinians inevitable. The occupation and illegal settlements will still be there. Israel will still have tens of thousands of troops in the West Bank and Gaza, denying millions of Palestinians their basic rights and engaging in atrocities and destruction. Palestinians will remain determined to resist the occupation with all the means at their disposal.

It is our fear and worry that Israel might use the death of Arafat as an excuse to intensify its occupation even further and inflict more harm and suffering on the Palestinians.

In light of these developments we would like to remind the Canadian government and the International Community of their responsibility to ensure protection for the Palestinians and to hold Israel accountable under International Law for its complete disregard for the Human rights of the Palestinians.

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Chadi Marouf: (514) 961-5238 (English)
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