In Memoriam Yasser Arafat - Abu Ammar

August 4, 1929 - November 11, 2004

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is very saddened to learn that today, November 11, 2004, President Yasser Arafat, the mighty symbol of Palestinian identity, passed away.

On this occasion of great loss for the Palestinian people and the peoples of the entire world, CPC(M-L) expresses its deepest condolences to the Palestinian leadership, the entire Palestinian people, President Arafat's co-fighters of every generation and to his family and friends.

CPC(M-L) wishes to express the great honour it has been to be associated since the day of the Party's founding with President Arafat and the life and death struggle he has waged in defence of his people and humanity's cause for progress.

CPC(M-L) also wishes to express its profound conviction that the heroic Palestinian people will find the strength to overcome their profound loss. Nothing will deter them from holding high the banner of their identity as President Arafat led them to do throughout his life. This is the legacy of a truly historic figure. That this historic figure is Palestinian is a matter of utmost pride for the Palestinian people, for all the Arab peoples and for the peoples of the entire world.

President Arafat, we pledge to you today: No stone will be left unturned to ensure that the dark which precedes the dawn gives way sooner rather than later. Your people will live as you wished they should live and as you and they deserve.

With deepest condolences,

Central Committee
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
November 11, 2004

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