Arafat dies, but the Palestinian struggle lives on

Statement on the death of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat from Montreal Muslim News

Montreal- November 11, 2004 (MMN): The Palestinian people today mourn the passing of their leader President Yasser Arafat. They will not be lamenting, however, the death of their decades-long struggle for Palestinian national liberation from the yoke of zionist domination and apartheid as this struggle continues to be alive and well.

No doubt the zionist regime will attempt to set up some Palestinian puppet leader who will even be more complicit and accommodating to its, and US dictates. But the reality is that there will be no lasting peace in the Middle-East or the world at large until true justice is granted to the long suffering Palestinian people and that they be permitted to exercise their full right of return to their original homes and lands from which they were driven along with compensation for their decades long suffering. The zionist regime, whose founding is soaked in the blood of the Palestinian people with the outrageous atrocities still continuing daily, and the rest of the world have not witnessed the death of Palestinian national aspirations. In the words of Palestinian writer and activist Sam Bahour: "The Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence is larger than the late President Yasser Arafat ... the world must be aware that the Palestinian struggle is beyond any single individual."

The soul of Arafat is with Allah - and May Allah forgive him - but the collective soul of the Palestinian people, whose population numbers 9.6 million worldwide, living in the Occupied Territories, scattered in squalid refugee camps around the Middle East, or living in exile, burns with rage over the injustices committed to Palestinian innocents in the name of zionism. They vow before Allah, despite the insurmountable odds stacked against them, that they shall return, they shall return, in the name of Allah almighty they shall return.

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