CAF mourns passing of Yasser Arafat
Toronto - The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) would like to express its sorrow and regret at the loss of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. CAF extends its sincere condolences to all Palestinians and their supporters.

His lifetime commitment and tireless struggle towards the creation of a Palestinian state has been unparalleled. As one of the most influential leaders in the Middle East, his contributions will long be remembered.

"This is a time of reflection and reaffirmation of commitment to the Palestinian just cause of struggle for freedom and self-determination," said Omar Alghabra, CAF president.

CAF strongly believes that in this period of political uncertainty that Palestinians should be allowed to select their own leadership in a free and fair election process.

CAF calls on the Canadian government to offer moral and logistical assistance to the Palestinians during this difficult period and to demand that the Israeli government does not abuse this transition by exercising any military or political interference.

"Only a just and equitable solution to the Palestinian cause through negotiations can bring a lasting peace regardless of leadership," said Alghabra.
CAF is committed to a just transition that allows the Palestinian people to prosper under a self-elected leader, and encourages the Canadian government to lend their support and diplomatic presence at this vital time.

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