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(21 December 2004) Palestinian papers mark the 40th day since the death of Yasser Arafat with praise for his vision of the Palestinians' future, and sadness at the "vacuum" his death has left.

(16 November 2004) What do the British, the Americans, the Israelis and others want? Do they mean by "democracy" elections that give them the result they want?

Photostory rom Ramallah, occupied West Bank, Live From Palestine.

Considered the enduring symbol of their nationalist cause

Grief and gunfire in Ramallah at the compound where he spent his final years encircled by the Israeli army. Al-Ahram Weekly.

Thousands of Shiites, shouting anti-US and anti-Israel slogans, marched through Karachi to express solidarity with the Palestinian liberation movement.


Palestine House endorses the event of the 40 Day commemoration of President Yasser Arafat

Arafat's lifetime commitment and tireless struggle towards the creation of a Palestinian state has been unparalleled.

The Canadian Palestinian Foundation of Québec will open its doors on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, to accept condolences on this occasion.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights

Marks the beginning of a week of solemn commemoration in Toronto.

"This is a time of reflection and reaffirmation of commitment to the Palestinian just cause of struggle for freedom and self-determination."

In remembering Yasser Arafat, the Canadian Islamic Congress hopes and prays that peace with justice returns, sooner rather than later, in the land to which he devoted his life.

Montreal Muslim News statement: "There will be no lasting peace in the Middle-East or the world at large until true justice is granted to the long-suffering Palestinian people."

Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist): "This is the legacy of a truly historic figure. That this historic figure is Palestinian is a matter of utmost pride for the Palestinian people, for all the Arab peoples and for the peoples of the entire world."


(31 December 2004) Paraiba do Sul will honour a figure the town's mayor says hasn't been honoured anywhere else in the West -- the late Yasser Arafat.

(19 November 2004) General Assembly demand the immediate cessation of all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory as well as Israel's withdrawal from Palestinian territory occupied since 1967.

(12 November 2004) "The most fitting legacy will be a sovereign Palestinian state."

Abu Ammar personified the Palestinian struggle to the extent that the two became inseparable in the eyes of many.

The enemy cannot sing victory because the father of the Palestinians breathes no more.

Refugees mourn Abu-Ammar. Special to Shunpiking Online By SAMAH SABAWI

Arafat to be recalled for leading Palestinians to accept principle of coexistence with Israel

Yasser Arafat was a close friend and an example of the tireless fight for freedom and independence


The Palestinians always symbolize: the siege of the president symbolizes our siege; his suffering symbolizes our suffering. By MAHMOUD DARWISH

There is now a chance for peace -- but not because of Arafat's death By AFIF SAFIEH*

Such unabashed glee is disrespectful and dangerous By DAPHNA BARAM*

Arafat was obliged to lead a dispossessed people living either in exile or under the iron fist of a brutal Israeli occupation. By AHMED AMR

Statement from BADIL Resource Center for Palestinians Residency and Refugee Rights

Editorial, Radio Havana Cuba

TML Daily commentary: "It has now fallen to a new generation to finish the work begun by Yasser Arafat."

Profile of the life of Yasser Arafat. JUAN DUFFLAR AMEL

Uri Avnery: "As a real leader, he went out ahead and drew his people after him. Thus he confronted the Arab leaders, thus he started the armed struggle, thus he extended his hand to Israel ..."

SAMIR GHATTAS, Al-Ahram Weekly, Cairo

"What did he achieve? 'We have made the Palestinian case the biggest problem in the world,' he said, with a grin." GRAHAM USHER had lunch with Yasser Arafat and the only horizon was the past.

(10 November 2004) 2nd International Week. "President Arafat is the very symbol of the Palestinian identity which is why the Zionists are going all out to tarnish and dishonour his image." TML Daily editorial.


Dear friends:
This is today's editorial in The Halifax Herald, a totally biased output, as usual. I will be replying to it and hope others will do too. Ismail Zayid

"How could any serious person, with any modicum of intellectual honesty, call a helpless and desperate man, who in the last 1000 days of his life was a prisoner in his own living room, an Adolph Hitler?"

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that after the funeral of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, Israel will launch a propaganda campaign against him. By ALUF BENN and AMOS HAREL

We call on all members of the media to be objective in their reporting and commentary

(2 November 2004) Why has Yasser Arafat not "groomed" a successor (like some petty oriental despot), commentators have demanded to know in recent days, and why he is leaving a chaotic power-vacuum? ... Palestinians value their democracy and won't accept a pliant successor. KARMA NABULSI

(5 November 2004) The crisis of the liberal Zionist: "This recognition released a sigh of relief in (Israeli) leftist circles, since this saved them from guilt feelings over the fact that the realization of the Zionist enterprise was bound up with the destruction of the Palestinian people; if Arafat recognizes Israel, they are free of the moral dilemmas imposed on them by the conflict and their victories in it."

AP report (12 November 2004): Foreign minister says accusations unfounded.

Media recycle chimera of Baruk-Clinton's "generous offer". The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "As It Happens" program, rebroadcast in the US on National Public Radio, featured former Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross being interviewed about Yasser Arafat.

Former US Middle East envoy Dennis Ross attributes the basest of motives to the Palestinians for the failure of Oslo/Camp David "peace process" but his indictment of Yasir Arafat does not even follow from the historical account he provides in his new book.

Israel's so-called Book of Terror designed to prove that Yasser Arafat is a terrorist is riddled with errors, omissions and deliberate misinformation.


Some of Yasser Arafat's famous quotes.

Zionist strategy to demonize President Arafat. Summary of a highly confidential document prepared by the Israeli General Security organ on 15 November 2000: "Yasser Arafat is a great danger to the state of Israel. For this reason, the advantages of his disappearance of the political scene exceeds, by all measures, the merits of the continuity of his role as a key player on the political scene of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

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