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(5 Feb 07) The National Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is teaming up with Shunpiking Magazine to publish a special four-page Black History Month tabloid for its members.

(8 Feb 07) The Monsoon Journal, a new English-language monthly tabloid published for Toronto's Tamil community, has teamed up with Nova Scotia's Shunpiking Magazine to publish a special 12-page Black History Supplement.



SCOTT MILSOM visits the rural community of Lincolnville.

The Blacks of Truro In Progress
1. The story of their migration; 2. early opportunities for the Blacks in Truro.(a) employment, (b) living conditions; 3. their place in the religious in Truro; 4. their place in education; 5. their treatment in two World Wars and the after effects; 6. some aspects of progress for the Blacks and their many tribulations along the way. Oral history by DON CHRISTIE


(Feb 2007) It is common knowledge among the Canadian people that racial profiling goes on everyday against not only Blacks in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and other places, but First Nations peoples, people of Arab origin and Muslims, members of the Tamil community in Toronto, as well as against other South Asians who are branded as "terrorists" under the fraudulent pretext of the "war on terror," "ensuring the safety of Canadians," "national security", "upholding Canadian values" and so on. PHILIP FERNANDEZ

(Feb 2007) The Act has been punitive on students, particulary those of national minority backgrounds, and is a flagrant violation of students' rights. A BRAMPTON TEACHER

I argue that the Globe and Mail adopted an overall semantic strategy of denial of racism which reinforces, marginalizes and mitigates evidence of racism in Canada, and thus reinforces the dominant and preferred view of Canadian society as tolerant, pluralistic and free of systematic racism. BOHDAN SZUCHEWYC


Carlota, a slave woman, took up the machete in 1843 to lead a slave uprising at the Triumvirato sugar mill in the great plain of Havana-Matanzas, the emporium of the slave-owning oligarchy.

Nelson Mandela: 'It is unparalleled in African history to have another people rise to the defence of one of us.' ISAAC SANEY

This extensive essay documents the remarkable story of Cuba's role in the struggle against racist rule in South Africa. ISAAC SANEY. Download the complete 37-page PDF

When African slaves were brought to Cuba, they felt the need to communicate, to form groups, because by uniting they felt less vulnerable and through this union, based on their beliefs and traditions, they shared their ideals and feelings of rebellion. This is how they organized brotherhoods which led to the rise of black lodges and religious mutual aid societies. Through traditional religious practices they retained their beliefs, customs, rites and language. JUAN ALMEIDA BOSQUE

An unpublished book by Fernando Ortiz shatters still-existing prejudices on African-Cuban pagan rites and the demonic role of "civilized" Europe. MARTA ROJAS

For many, the Cuban Revolution is, if not a model, then an example of a society built upon social justice, equality and equity. In some ways, it was an experiment upon whose success numerous hopes for a better world rested. An excerpt from ISAAC SANEY's best-selling book, Cuba: Revolution in Motion.

The Republic of Cuba was the first place I ever visited where most of the people look just like me and other Africadians - black, white, brown, mixed. It's special to me for that reason, but also because, as a Cuban says in Rosemary Sullivan's exquisite Cuba: Grace Under Pressure, the nation is 'an alternative to what is happening in the world... There is less selfishness and more community effort (here).' GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE


(7 Jan 2007) Every media outlet will air stock film footage (or tape) of Martin Luther King, Jr., his handsome dark face shining in a sea of dark faces, captured in his moment of triumph: the "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington. MUMIA ABU-JAMAL


(May 07) May 25 is marked worldwide as African Liberation Day. Since the 1960s African Liberation Day has served to advance the cause of the African peoples against colonialism and neo-colonialism which keeps them enslaved.

(19 Jan) Interview with HAKIM ADI, Reader in History of Africa and African Diaspora, Middlesex University, London

(12 Jan) THABO MBEKI, President, Republic of South Africa

Understanding US policy toward Darfur, Sudan (Feb 2007) The recent deluge of resolutions, legislations and appointments flowing forth targeting the human crisis in Darfur intend to create the illusion America is at last doing something significant to relieve and bring to an end the suffering being endured there. Nothing could be further from the truth. JEAN DAMU

16 June 2006 was the Day of the African Child, celebrated all around Africa. It marked the 30th anniversary of Soweto, when thousands of children rose up to defy the South African apartheid state forces, and were brutally mowed down. We salute the spirit of the youth in daring to take a stand and shape the direction of their own and their country's future.


(May 07) President Blatter said specifically there was no contingency plan, saying Plan A was South Africa, and Plan B was South Africa, and there was no need for any other plans

The 2nd Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall Of Fame Conference scheduled for 24-25 August 2007 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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