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Legacies: Louise Bennett pioneered the use of Jamaican

Jamaica loses 'patois' pioneer

A woman of great stature, pride, creativity, intelligence and ingenuity; Louise Simone Bennett was an undisputed cultural icon to Jamaica. Unfortunately, the monument of Jamaican pride and culture that was Louise Bennett, fondly known as 'Miss Lou', died yesterday at age 88.

Anne-Marie Bonner, the Consul General in Canada, states "Miss Lou passed away at approximately 12:30 a.m. at the Scarborough Grace Hospital (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). My understanding is that she felt ill and was taken to the hospital."

Miss Lou was a theatrical genius, who was well known for her Anancy stories. She is much grieved by the close friends she has left behind.

Daily Gleaner, Kingston, Jamaica, 2006/7/27

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